Why Do People Sell Foot Pictures?

Is selling foot pictures an actual job?

Ever heard of feet pics? You must be wondering what are feet pics and do people really sell feet pics? Selling feet pictures is just another way people make a lot of money from working at home but it is a competitive industry and a lot of effort needs to go into it. Selling feet pictures is not really any different to photographers selling their pictures, it just so happens to be their feet which sells the most. Another question that might come into your mind is, why do people like feet pics? Well, there is a niche market for foot pictures that has been zoned in on to make lots of money, this mainly comes from advertising campaigns for foot care products, shoe companies who need feet to wear their shoes, nail polish companies or anyone with an interest in feet or fetish.

Is it a well paid job?

Although taking pictures of your feet may seem like an easy job with easy money there are a lot of factors that contribute like marketing that takes a long time to prepare and can be stressful. Not just anyone can sell foot pictures as it is a competitive business with a lot of work and potential risks that you could face. If you’re thinking about selling foot pictures as a side hustle for a few hours of the day you might make a little bit if you’re desecrating all your time to this you could make big profits.

Unlike other jobs, selling feet pics really has no entry requirements as anyone is capable and there are no costs needed to start up your career. Pay differs depending on the foot photographer’s prices they set but in most cases people are making tens of thousands of dollars every year.

The best thing about selling pictures online is that they will constantly sell over and over again bringing in more money, leading to a person earning six figures in just one year from selling foot pictures. Even if you sell your feet pictures on a cheap website you can still make a lot of money if these pictures sell over a thousand times. The good thing about this job is that you can quit whenever you like, you are your own employer, you choose your pay and if the money isn’t good you can stop and look for something else.

How do you sell foot pictures?

Firstly, for legal reasons you must be over 18 to be able to sell foot pictures online and you need to be able to supply identification to prove this when starting work for a company. There are now actual companies that find creators and buyers and put them together, making creators’ jobs much easier as it reduces the burden of finding customers. Most websites to sell feet pics give about 80 percent of their earnings to the creator, which is not seen in many other jobs and is why this type of job has such a big appeal. Not only do websites give a good pay, they also provide security and protection for their creators as this job can sometimes come with risks.