Why Brits are Increasingly Gambling at Casinos Not on GamStop

Online gambling is not a new business. According to Statista, today there are over 3,000 gaming places generating $90 billion in revenue per year. The global market is projected to grow to $158 billion over the next seven years.

It is no secret that gamblers sometimes find an eclipse, often in the process of betting, when it is no longer possible to stop yourself. A little time passes – and the person cools down, realizing that he was too wound up and made irreparable mistakes. But you can’t return time back. And now, the self-exclusion program shows its effectiveness.

Self-exclusion with GamStop

According to the British government, in order to ward off gambling impulses, a player asks GamStop to block him for a while. And he himself will choose which one. All online operators connected to the program will have to prevent the bettor from betting on cannon shot. It should be said that some bookmakers limited entrance to accounts and, accordingly, the ability to play at the client’s request. But not everyone did it and, naturally, reluctantly.

Bettor, knowing that he could theoretically play, stays out of the stakes until he copes with his inner demons. Perhaps he will return more calculating and restrained. And, perhaps, he does not need this at all, and he will take off the bettor’s armor forever.

Some statistics

It is a UK-wide base. But self-exclusion programs operated at individual bookmakers before. A year before its launch was soon announced publicly, more than eight hundred thousand people turned to this tool for help. According to BBC, 46 thousand people, having experienced a strong bridle of the program, nevertheless returned to the rates, 58 thousand could not withstand the minimum term of self-exclusion and violated the rules.

But overall, the program works. After all, who would argue that a bettor’s worst enemy is betting fever? It is not required for those who know when to stop.

How to find a casino without GamStop

But at some point, people who put prohibitions in front of themselves want to remove them, as it happens with betting addicts. Most Brits look for gambling sites outside of GamStop at some point, especially after they signed up for a self-exclusion system. To find the best casinos that are however popular and safe, there are a few important points to examine.

When searching for sites not included by GamStop, there are several important points to keep in mind:

  1. The first and simplest thing to look at is the feedback from the specialists. They test every casino and provide a detailed overview where you can see all the benefits and all the features that the casino has to contribute.

Using this method, you can choose the best online casino that does not participate in GamStop and use it immediately. Plus, you can rest assured that the casino is safe and legal. Ultimately, this method will help you find non-GamStop casinos that are extremely popular, secure, and allow everything members need.

  1. Pay attention to software developers as well. This is not only important if you want to know what games are on offer, but it can also make the casino safe and legal. You see, all well-known software developers have a reputation that needs to be maintained. They will not risk it by offering games in fraudulent casinos!

Advantages of non-GamStop casinos

The largest part of you will wonder why casinos without GamStop are so popular. First of all, these sites offer you the opportunity to play games that are not open at casinos with GamStop. The situation is similar to rare games too.

The non-GamStop sites also possess the best rewards that can be easily obtained and used for great games. It’s a little difficult to explain. Casinos with GamStop must have UKGC or MGA licenses, which are expensive licenses. They also have to pay high taxes. Without these things, casinos can offer the best gifts. These include:

  • free spins; 
  • pleasant offers, etc. 

The list is extremely long.

Last but not least, you can gamble as much as you like. If you would like to move away from this particular casino, you may reach support and they will restrict your account. This is the same method as using GamStop, but this alternative only works for one casino. Don’t forget that certain sites allow more choice in betting! This is also why the Brits still want to apply these sites.

UK casinos vs casinos without GamStop

At the end of 2020, a public discussion began in the UK about the problems with gambling. This conversation was triggered by a Yougov, which claimed that just over 2.4% of British adults have self-control issues when it comes to acting out any of a kind. As such, the UKGC has decided to implement new measures that will make the online slot experience less intense, thereby reducing the incidence of gambling addiction in the UK. Such new restrictions have led many Britons to look for casinos other than GamStop for UK players. These sites have fewer restrictions on online gaming.

The advantages of casinos and bingo sites not found on GamStop are that they allow credit cards, have no spin timers, boast rich bonus loyalty schemes, and still allow auto/turbo features. They also contain games not available on UKGC platforms.

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