White Lines Season 2 Cancelation Update: Is Netflix’s Drama Officially Canceled?

The viewers’ hearts have continued to be captivated by the popularity of mystery and thriller drama shows. The audience, who was eager to learn more about the genre, saw a multitude of shows that left an indelible impact on their hearts. In the past, only a few of these kinds of series were made available to viewers on television. However, ever since streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix joined the realm of entertainment programs, a plethora of new series that are intended to restructure society have been made available for people to investigate.

One of them is White Lines, which is a mystery and thriller television series that is currently being produced by Alex Pina and is available on Netflix. The ten episodes of the program were added to Netflix on May 15, 2024, marking the official premiere of the show. As soon as the first season was made available to the public, the audience started looking forward to further seasons of the series. It is important that you continue reading the text so that you may get knowledge on the potential future of the series.


  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Drama
Created byÁlex Pina
Written by
  • Álex Pina
  • Esther Martínez Lobato
  • Javier Gómez Santander
  • David Barrocal
  • Alberto Úcar
  • Nacho Sánchez Quevedo
  • Ed Wethered
Directed by
  • Nick Hamm
  • Luis Prieto
  • Ashley Way
  • Laura Haddock
  • Nuno Lopes
  • Marta Milans
  • Daniel Mays
  • Laurence Fox
  • Angela Griffin
  • Juan Diego Botto
  • Pedro Casablanca
  • Belén López
  • Francis Magee
  • Tom Rhys Harries
ComposerJunkie XL
Country of origin
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
Original languages
  • English
  • Spanish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Executive producers
  • Álex Pina
  • Sharon Hughff
  • Andy Harries
  • Chris Croucher
  • Mark Kinsella
  • Michael Eagle-Hodgson
  • Juan Miguel Azpiroz
  • Kieran McGuigan
  • Martin Fuhrer
  • Álvaro Gutiérrez
  • Yan Miles
  • Kim Gaster
  • Elen Pierce Lewis
  • Adam Green
  • Daniel Greenway
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time50–63 minutes
Production companies
  • Left Bank Pictures
  • Vancouver Media
  • Sony Pictures Television
Release15 May 2020


White Lines Season 2 Cancellation News Explained!

White Lines is a well-liked mystery thriller series composed of British and Spanish actors, yet it has been received with unanticipated negativity. After Netflix announced that they would be canceling the series, the future of the series was ruined. Following the dissemination of unfavorable information about the second season of White Lines, the audience was left in a state of profound disappointment.

The episode concluded on a dramatic note, which left the viewers with a sense of apprehension over the potential plot of the series.

Those who have seen the first season of the program can expect that there are sufficient opportunities for Netflix to work on the second season of the show. On the other hand, the show was terminated not long after the first season came to a close.

Cast Reaction to the Cancellation

Mays, who portrayed Marcus Ward, shared the news by writing, “Following the reports in the press over the past couple of days and for all those asking me on here, it’s with a heavy heart I post the White Lines season 2 ship has well and truly sailed,” he said. Mays was the actor who played Marcus Ward.

It was the journey of a lifetime, and I want to express my gratitude, respect, and appreciation. Many thanks to the fantastic cast and crew, as well as to all of the incredible fans who have been watching from all around the world. For us, the support that you provided for the program meant the world. Therefore, I am grateful to you! Marcus, you were my ultimate favorite. I will miss you.

In an earlier interview with NME, the actor said that the whole cast was certain that “it was going to go again because it was obviously number one on Netflix’s ratings for so many weeks, and it went all across Europe and the world, and did so well.”

In addition, he said, “If there was ever a hit, this was it; however, for whatever reason, they are not renewing it right now.” “A portion of me believes that it was tied up, as you discovered who killed Axel, which means that it functions as a limited series; however, it is evident that it also had the potential to go on for much more in the future.”

White Lines Season 2 Ending Explained

The story ends with Axel’s corpse landing on the mainland. There was much misunderstanding over the situation since it was assumed that someone would have had to carry his remains by boat. As the tale progressed, it became clear that Anna and Marcus were ultimately responsible for his death.

However, the episode finished with some unsolved questions. Viewers want to know what happens to Zoe later. She has essentially wrecked her whole life, and now that she knows who murdered Axel, where will she go? On the other side, will Anna actually be acquitted of murder? Even if the event occurred 20 years ago, it still matters!

Another question that remains in the minds of viewers is regarding David. What would David think when he finds out that his pals killed another friend? How will he react?  Also, where the heck did Boxer drive off to at the end?

The majority of fans are intrigued about Zoe. He has yet to determine if Oriol was responsible for her father’s death. And things have stayed open; people are anxious to learn more about the upcoming season.



In summary, White Line season two has been officially canceled by Netflix. The original criminal mystery drama series produced by Alex Puna, the mastermind behind the legendary Money Heist, is not going further. Fans should understand that season one is the series’ first and only season.