Where To Find The World’s Most Famous Musicians

The world is blessed with several musical talents that produce great songs for their die-hard fans worldwide. You can enjoy many genres of music based on your preferences, ranging from heavy metal to pop. Musicians are popular creatives who typically live Bohemian lives, so fans and the media are always interested in what they do in their free time and where they live. These musicians can be found in several big cities worldwide that match their status and fame. Here’s where to find the world’s most famous musicians.

  • London

London isn’t just the home of world-famous teams like Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chelsea that you can place wagers on at Betway online casino. It is also the heartbeat of the UK’s creative industry, so it is no surprise that many celebrities choose to call it home. It reportedly has the world’s highest concentration of celebrity residents outside Los Angeles. Several UK musicians live in London, but international artists call this city home too. Also, some base their entire lives in the city, while others simply buy property there to add to their property portfolios. The high-end boroughs of Knightsbridge, Kensington, and Chelsea are home to some of the music industry’s biggest names, while other stars opt for luxurious homes in the city’s green belts. Madonna, Elton John, Taylor Swift, Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney,  and Mick Jagger are some famous musicians who reside in London.

  • Los Angeles

A huge chunk of America and the world’s entertainment industry is based in Los Angeles, California. For celebrities who are into film or music, it makes sense to be right where the action is. Many expensive houses in Los Angeles appeal to wealthy clientele, including some of music’s biggest names. Also, most industry events and award shows like the Grammys are typically held in Los Angeles. Celebrities also love LA for its beautiful weather, picturesque scenery, and liberal nature. You can find Justin Bieber in his three-story Hollywood Hills home in LA when he isn’t touring the world to entertain his adoring fans. British singer Adele also lives in Los Angeles and reportedly has three homes in the Beverly Hills area. Beyonce and Jay-Z, John Legend, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift also live in Los Angeles.

  • New York City

New York City is America’s most populous state and an influential city in the world’s education, commerce, politics, sports, and tourism. There are always live music events to thrill you if you love music, whether you prefer Rock and roll or jazz. Many musicians also tour NYC regularly, so you are likely to see some favourites often, including those who live in New York City. Lady Gaga has many mansions worldwide, but when she’s in New York City, she resides at her 1,985-square-foot penthouse at 40 Central Park South. Madonna also has a home in the Upper East Side of NYC – although you will likely not see the Material Girl hitmaker in her stunning mansion as it’s highly secured again fans and the usual paparazzi. Bon Jovi, David Byrne, Cyndi Lauper, and Art Garfunkel also live in New York.

Photo by Austin Loveing on Unsplash