What You Should Know About Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a popular drink that has been around for decades and is still going strong. The drink typically consists of tea, fruit juice, sweetened condensed milk, and tapioca balls.

Bubble tea is made by mixing the ingredients together in a glass and then pouring it into a large bowl of cold water. The cold water creates small bubbles which create the texture of the drink.

Bubble Tea is an easy way to spend time with friends or family while enjoying a refreshing beverage. Bubble tea is also known as Pearl Milk, Boba Tea, Pearl Black Tea, and many more.

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How To Order Bubble Tea?  

Initially, the name “bubble tea” referred to the frothy bubbles that emerge when the beverage is shaken to combine the tea, milk, and flavorings, but over time, it grew to stand for the bubble-like tapioca pearls that are found at the bottom of the beverage. These were the original “boba,” however nowadays, the phrases bubble tea and boba tea are essentially the same.

Since its modest origins in Taiwan, bubble tea has developed into a wide variety of flavors. However, the majority of stores provide a wide variety of bubble tea. Some shops will just focus on one sort of base.

Let’s just understand the way to order bubble tea. Tea is the typical boba foundation, but you may also pick a milk tea or fruit base (tea flavored with milk).

Choosing the Boba Base

Tea is the typical boba foundation, but you may also pick a milk tea or fruit base (tea flavored with milk).

  • Tea base

Although Assamese black tea often serves as the basis, you can also use Thai tea, roasted Chinese milk tea, or matcha.

The type of tea you select will determine how your beverage will taste. Robust, rich, and somewhat bitter, black tea is a pretty strong beverage. Matcha has a milder taste and a lot of caffeine. 

Furthermore, fruit teas are an option. Fruit teas are infusions of herbs, not tea. They often don’t contain caffeine, so they’re a wonderful alternative if you want to avoid being bouncy when you must be resting.

  • Milk Tea Base

Beginners should opt for the traditional pearl milk tea. This consists of boba, tea, milk, and sugar.

You may select from a variety of teas for milk teas as well. Everybody is a mixture of milk and tea.

Usually, you may request any type of milk, which is advantageous if you have lactose intolerance but still enjoy the richness of a tea-containing milk base.

  • Fruit Base 

You may select from a variety of tastes for fruit tea, including watermelon, raspberry, taro, and honeydew milk tea.

For the foundation of bubble tea, taro, a root vegetable like a yam, is pureed. It contains a hint of purple, which gives the drink a lovely appearance.

Choosing the type of milk 

You may request bubble tea with milk. With the addition of milk, the foundation becomes creamier and will soften stronger flavors like black tea.

Many bubble tea shops may also offer you the option of coffee creamer, which has a stronger flavor and is creamier. It would have been the only choice in certain places, although milk is more nutritious due to milk’s lower content of trans fat.

You can have it with almond milk, oat milk, or coconut milk. Each one adds a little bit extra flavor to your beverage. It’s critical to make informed taste decisions because some bases could not mesh well together or even dominate. If you have a lactose allergy, make sure to ask for milk without dairy.

  1. Choose the type Of Boba you want to add 

What kind of boba you wish to get comes next in the process of ordering boba tea. There are several boba varieties and sizes, which just adds to the confusion. Small balls are called pearls, and larger balls are called boba.

The most common balls used in bubble tea are tapioca pearls. Cassava root starch is used to create tapioca pearls.

Golden boba are colored tapioca balls.Following cooking, they are soaked in white sugar and milk, which turns them from brown to golden. They often taste sweeter because they absorb the sugar more effectively. Also selecting the right type of toppings is important. Adding topping will make your bubble tea more unique.