What You Need to Consider Before Buying Bathroom Toilets

Toilets are usually the reason why you have a bathroom along with a shower or bath. When indoor plumbing was invented years ago, there was no reason people could continue using chamber pots. With toilets, purchasing the right one from Victoria Plum can make a huge difference to your life. There are many things you need to consider before buying bathroom toilets. This post explains what you need to consider before buying bathroom toilets.

Two-piece toilet

The most common type of toilet you can find on the market is the two-piece toilet. As the name suggests, it usually comes as two separate pieces, which are the tank and the seat. 

This toilet has many benefits including being the least expensive option on the market and you can carry the pieces separately. It’s also practical if you decide to carry it up the stairs.

These types of toilets are designed to fit together and there is a seam where these two parts join. Unfortunately, at this joint, dirt can easily accumulate. There are few people who can see this dirt and it can be an issue if cleanliness is a problem for you.

One-piece toilet

While the one-piece is considered to be a sleek and modern toilet, the two-piece one is classic. It’s usually a little more expensive and even heavier to carry, though it’s easier to install and clean.

You can find a few more types of one-piece toilets, and some feature low-profile tanks and others resemble the two-piece model but have a higher tank. Therefore, if you desire the classic look that comes with a two-piece toilet, but without cleaning problems, then it’s a good idea to choose a one-piece toilet.

Today, the one-piece toilet has become the most popular type of toilet. Hence, if your budget may afford it, then this is the one worth considering. One-piece toilets are more suitable to modern and contemporary styles. But because there are various models, you should consider getting a more traditional appearance without a separate tank.

A high-tank toilet

When it comes to functionality, high-tank toilets usually work the same way as a two-piece toilet. The difference between these models is that the tank is placed much higher on the bathroom wall to relieve the plumbing that goes between the tank and the seat.

It’s worth noting that high-tank toilets can be quaint and retro, and bring a certain old-world charm. Besides, you can also use the plumbing color as a decor element. The chain pull is a specific retro element that many people find cool. 

These toilets are a bit more expensive than the other two models mentioned above because they have a design appeal. Also, they are not widely available compared to the others, so this makes them a little pricier. Therefore, if you are searching for this style, they can be the one that can make a significant difference in the bathroom.

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash