What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Weddings can be exciting events, but they also come with their share of stress and decisions to make. One big decision that needs to be made is what to wear as a wedding guest. It’s important to look your best without outshining the bride or groom, so here are some tips on how to dress for the occasion.

Choose an Appropriate Color

When it comes to wedding guest dresses or plus size wedding guest dresses, you want something that is appropriate for the formality of the event. For more formal weddings, opt for a light-colored dress in navy blue or pastel shades of pink and purple. For more casual weddings, choose brighter colors like yellow or green. The fabric should also be appropriate for the time of year and venue; avoid wearing heavy fabrics like velvet during the summer months!

Think About Your Accessories

Accessories can take any outfit from plain to polished. When selecting jewelry there are a variety of factors that should be taken into consideration. It is important to consider the occasion, your personal style and preferences, the cost, and any other practical considerations such as allergies. For everyday wear fashion or costume jewelry is a stunning option, without the worry of losing a high priced piece. For special occasions, gold and silver are both popular options. Gold is known for its warmth and classic look, while silver offers a modern feel and often costs less. Of course, there are also a variety of other metals available, such as stainless steel and titanium. When it comes to stones, diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings but many other gemstones can also make beautiful statement pieces. 

When selecting shoes there are again a number of factors to consider. For figure-flattering style that keeps you comfortable throughout the night, choose shoes in a complementary color palette or print to match your dress. A few classic options for wedding guest dresses are metallic heels, wedge espadrilles, embellished sandals, and low-heeled pumps. To complete the look with a bit of extra sparkle, you can add a pair of statement earrings or an eye-catching clutch purse. For casual weddings in warmer months, stylish slides or mules are perfect for pairing with a dress. They provide a feminine and effortless vibe that is also comfortable for outdoor events. Choose from a variety of materials such as velvet, patent leather, or sequins to add interest and texture to your look. High heels are the perfect choice for formal occasions, allowing you to stand tall while still looking chic and elegant. A classic pointy-toe pump is an excellent option for pairing with a dress, while strappy sandals provide a flirty and feminine touch. For added glamour, opt for crystal-embellished heels or metallic stilettos. 

Accessorize With Careful Consideration  

As far as purses go, opt for something small that won’t take away from your overall look—a clutch or small shoulder bag will do the trick! If you’re attending an outdoor wedding in warm weather, consider bringing along a light wrap such as a shawl or pashmina just in case it gets chilly at night.

Choosing the right petite, regular, or plus size dress for a wedding guest can help you feel confident throughout the entire day at a wedding—from ceremony to reception—so choosing wisely is key! With these tips on how to dress as a wedding guest in mind, you’ll be sure to look your best without outshining anyone else at the celebration!


Image Credit: Photo by Marcel Strauß on Unsplash