What to Give on a First Date: Top 5 Gift Ideas

So, the first date with the girl is scheduled! And if it is quite forgivable for a young student to come to her empty-handed, then it is time for adult boyfriends to think about what to give the girl on the first date. After all, the present should be at least somewhat original and, at the same time, appropriate for such an early stage of acquaintance. 

General Principles

Mindfulness and tact — these are two qualities that a guy will have to acquire for a gift to impress one of the Russian women for marriage met online. He should be attentive, noticing the words casually thrown by the girl about what she likes or what she is fond of.

1. Flowers

It is an immortal classic and the most obvious way to express your affection. However, even here, you need to have moderation: it would be equally wrong to go on a date without flowers at all or with a heavy armful. After all, the lady will have to carry this loose uncomfortable load with her throughout the walk (if it is planned) or on the way home.

2. Original souvenir

Of course, you will have to find out about the girl’s hobbies in advance. An artist, for example, will be happy with an easel, especially if it is made by the hands of the gentleman himself. The writer will prefer a beautiful high-quality notebook for sketches of future works. The gift can be associated not only with creativity but also with the faculty where the girl student is studying. If a guy has very little information about a girl, a beautiful mug with her name would be a universal option.

3. Book

Fortunately, the fashion for reading and love of books is slowly returning, and in recent years, presenting an interesting book has become a sign of good taste. For the book not to become a dusty trinket, it must correspond to the literary tastes of the girl, and, of course, it must be absent from her home library. Besides, to make the book look like a gift and not like giving out literature in the library, you should look for a beautiful gift edition.

4. Music and movies

If a girl is a real connoisseur of cinema or music, and it is not enough for her to download a film/song from the first site Google offers, a licensed LP with an album of her favorite band or film CD will be an excellent addition to her collection. The advantage of the gift lies in the fact that the girl’s musical and movie preferences can be found on the pages of social networks.

5. Impression

You can present not only material gifts but also unforgettable memories:

  • taking a girl with you to an amusement park, 
  • on an unusual excursion, 
  • to a planetarium, a zoo, or
  • a cinema would be even better than buying another trinket or fifteen hundred kilocalories in colorful packaging. 

And although in most cases, a surprise is more effective and pleasant, if you plan a non-standard date that involves a long walk (the same excursion), it is better to warn the girl in advance so that she dresses and puts on shoes accordingly.

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