What Things Do You Need to Avoid While Writing a Timeshare Cancellation Letter?

Do you think getting your timeshare contract is a cup of tea? Is it just like playing high-level sports for you? It’s the truth that it’s a difficult but not painstaking job. Every salesperson will try to convince you in such a way that they will agree to relent and purchase even the cheapest point package. Not only this, but also you will get ready to take out a mortgage to pay for it. Over time you will have the creeping feeling that you have committed a blunder. But you need not worry about it as you have a right to cancel your signed timeshare contract, according to section 119A.410. 

Do you want to know your key to the door leading you out of your timeshare agreement? Well, it’s a timeshare cancellation letter. Just write a quality timeshare cancellation letter that works as a “written notice” of the cancellation for law. It will clearly state that you are eliminating the contract. This way, all the payments you have already paid to the timeshare company in the form of deposits, fees, or any other money will be refunded within 20 days.  

It’s entirely up to you that you can purchase timeshares anywhere where you want. But you need to know the law that applies to your timeshare agreement. A timeshare contract is a private contract that is handled by state law. Do you want to familiarize yourself with all the don’ts you must avoid while writing a timeshare termination letter? Keep reading this blog carefully: 

  • Things to overlook while writing a timeshare cancellation letter: 

Are you going to sit down to write your timeshare cancellation letter? Try your best to avoid adding wrong stuff that reveals how mad or disappointed you are. Just focus on the right stuff like contact details and all that will enable you to stay on track: 

  1. You need not get emotional or long-winded while writing a cancellation letter 

If you are fired up or fed up with your signed timeshare agreement, it’s genuine that your communication skills will usually take a hit. But while writing your timeshare termination letter to a well-recognized timeshare cancellation company like Wesley Financial Group BBB, you need to be firm and focused as much as possible. Because you don’t have to write any novel, it includes just a couple of paragraphs. Moreover, you must be optimistic and confident when writing your cancellation letter. 

You need not make many efforts to write a timeshare termination letter; rather, you must simply state that you are writing to request the cancellation of your contract. After adding it, share your contact details that will assist them in reviewing your account. Then, write just two sentences if you want to express your particular grievance that you are ticked off about the rising fees and inflexible dates. In addition, the satisfaction of a timeshare owner is not the priority of a timeshare company, so you need not waste your valuable time trying to convince them.  

It will be wrong to use passive or hesitant language in the letter. 

While writing a timeshare elimination letter, you must use language that sounds more confident. There are countless ways to write a letter, but do you know which one is more right? So, it’s entirely upped to you, to which you give more preference. For instance, you can start in these ways- “I am writing to request immediate cancellation of my timeshare agreement.” Or “I was wondering if it’s possible to review my agreement and eliminate my timeshare.”  

You need not be mean or aggressive; be straightforward and confident. With this attitude, you can sniff out anyone on the fence in a heartbeat. Don’t add words like maybe, perhaps, hoping, wondering, and many more like these when you write your cancellation letter.  

Bottom Line: 

In short, a timeshare cancellation letter is an essential step for starting the process of untangling yourself from a timeshare company. But neither can you do it alone or in a short time. You need to prepare yourself for at least six months and get connected to trustworthy, well-experienced, and well-recognized experts. They not only know the tricks that timeshare companies play with timeshare owners but also how to shut them down completely. 


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