What Number Hits the Most in Roulette?

The one-million-dollar question that most roulette players have on their minds is knowing the number that hits the most hit numbers in Roulette game. The roulette not on Gamstop is a pure game of chance, but a little mix of logic and superstition may bring just the right amount of luck your way. So how about we use a bit of logic, a bit of research, and a little spice of superstition to bring you this ultimate answer?

Understanding the Roulette Wheel

For pros, it is more than just a wheel; it holds the winning fate needs to be understood. The wheel may come with thirty-seven or thirty-eight numbered pockets, depending on whether you play European or American roulette. Both varients are available to play in real casinos as well as on online gambling sites. You are playing. When you spin the wheel, the little ball starts to roll, and there is more than one bet you can explore on the Roulette Wheel. You may decide to bet on the odd numbers or any single number. 

Also, you may decide to bet on the zero green or the double zero, as in the American variant. Another popular bet is red or black, because the wheel is numbered with equal numbers of red and black tiles.The odds here are 50/50, unlike the 1/37 you may be facing if you choose to bet on the double zero tiles.


The Biggest Betting Opportunity

Let us start by narrowing it down to the biggest odd or highest number on roulette wheel you will ever get, whether American or European. As previously mentioned, there are more than a dozen best roulette bets that you can explore using a single wheel of roulette, but not all have favorable odds. There are numerous gambling sites available online, offering a wide range of exciting games and betting opportunities to cater to every player’s preferences.

The biggest when it comes to the best roulette numbers odds are the red or black, even or odd, first 12 and second 12, and low or best numbers to bet on roulette. This bet comes with almost fifty/fifty odds that are worth exploring and quite rewarding when you want to play safely on a roulette wheel.

Hot and Cold Numbers on the Roulette Wheel

In determining the 10 best numbers on roulette or hot and cold numbers on a roulette wheel, the records of the numbers in a roulette wheel that most and least occurred in the last twenty-four hours or the last five hundred spins are examined. Talking about what numbers hit the most in roulette, since most winning numbers are purely by chance, this record is believed to be less logical and more superstitious since it resonates more with a player’s luck.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the numbers will stay the same when records from previous days are compiled. However, considering the previous records and using basic maths to filter down the numbers, the numbers 7, 17, 23, and 24 are the hottest numbers on the most roulette spins. While the numbers 3, 6, 13, and 34 are the coldest, you need to avoid them.

The Numbers 7 and 17

This is where superstition comes in. Globally, the number 7 is widely believed to be a lucky number, and gamblers always play it safe by betting on this number. More often than never, the number has consistently yielded positive results. The number 7 is more spiritual than historical. It has its root in many religions as being the lucky and most recurring number that many had to believe could bring them luck.

There are seven days in a week, seven heavens in Hinduism, and Islam believes in seven heavens too. Baby Budha took seven first steps and created seven factors of enlightenment. These are all religious and superstitious connotations of the luck that the number seven can bring.

The number 17 is another interesting number that has got many faces smiling. In 1963, Sean Connery registered this number in the minds of millions when he won three out of the five best places on number seventeen while playing roulette in the famous Casino de la Vallee in Saint Vincent, Italy.

Maybe you didn’t get it about hitting a number on roulette. Sean had three consecutive spins, hitting the number seventeen. That odd is about 50,000:1, and not only did Sean do it, many after him relied on this victory as a recorded couple of wins using the number 17. Don’t forget the ultimate roulette star, Mike Ashley, who won over one million euros betting completely on 17 in one spin of the wheel of roulette.

Final Thoughts

While you want to play with the sevens and seventeens, and perhaps the twenty-threes, please stay far away from the number thirteen unless you can boldly say the number is your lucky number. The number 13 is widely regarded as the unluckiest number in roulette. Just in case you are looking for a reliable roulette wheel, online NitroCasinos has got an amazing wheel with exciting odds and pay lines you may want to explore. 

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