What is Involved in a Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

Nobody wants to experience a clogged drain, but it happens anyway, and when it does, there is an immediate need to get it fixed. One of the reasons why clogged drain demands urgent attention is that it negatively impacts health and livelihood. You can hardly sleep peacefully knowing that your toilet is clogged.

It is natural to want to unclog the pipes yourself. However, to do this, you can try using a plunger or a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar; wait and see if there is any improvement.  There is also no harm in trying to see if this is something you can rectify, but where the situation proves to be out of control, it is important to request professional drain cleaning services in Fairfax, VA, or anywhere near your location. One outstanding benefit of using an expert to unclog drains is because they can quickly analyze what is wrong and provide a lasting solution

Wondering why you should involve a professional drain cleaning company in Fairfax? Here are some of the services you stand to enjoy through a professional cleaning service.

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Drain cleaning in Fairfax, VA: Services 

  • Carryout clog assessment

A professional draining service works by providing a clog assessment to identify the cause of the clog. Clogs are usually formed due to soap scum, oil debris, hair, and bath bomb particles. The more these accumulate in the drain line, the worse the clog becomes and the harder it is to dissolve. This is what makes the service of an expert imperative.

To unclog drains, plumbers do not just insert a plunge to break the clogs. They also examine the drain’s condition, identify the causes of the clog, and determine where the clog occurs. This is usually done through video inspection using a fixed camera and a flexible cable to determine the exact condition of the drain. This step serves two purposes: it reveals the conditions of drains so the plumber can make necessary recommendations, and displays the exact blockade so the plumber can select a suitable clog removal method.

  • Perform clog removal

The fact that you involve professional service may naturally mean that you’ve tried unclogging the drain with a plunger. Unfortunately, this also means that your plumber needs to do something more effective to break the clog successfully. Usually, experts adopt a method referred to as snaking. The process involves using a hand-cranked or motor-operated long cable to remove or damage the clog. The snake is extended into the drain until it reaches the location of the clog and is then operated in a way that it breaks the clog without necessarily damaging the drain lines.

Upon removal of the clog, it may be revealed that the plumbing has been damaged. If this happens, the plumber will naturally make necessary recommendations like pipe repair to extend the shelf life of the pipe and ensure that your drainage system does not develop another problem immediately.

The plumber may also suggest necessary ways to ensure that you do not have to deal with repeated clog drains. For instance, where the cause of the clog is bath bomb particles or hair, he may advise installing particles obstructing parts that will hold down the particles whenever you use your bath bomb. Also, if the clog is caused by hard water, that is, a buildup of mineral or water particles, he may recommend services like hydro-jetting to remove the buildups.

He may also recommend using organic drain cleaners that are effective in dissolving clogs without damaging your pipes. This means you will no longer have to use acidic cleaners that can reduce the shelf life of your pipes. 

What are the benefits of getting a professional drain cleaning service

  • Safe cleaning

You may be tempted to try cleaning your drain with some of those chemical cleaning agents, and it is even possible that you bought one already. However, cleaning your drain lines using this chemical can have a lasting damage effect on your pipes by rendering them weak. So, in the long run, instead of dealing with a clogged pipe, you may have problems like pipe leakage that will require more money to fix. However, removing clogs with the help of professional plumbers will provide a process that ensures that clogs are either removed or broken without unnecessary stress or damage.

  • Variety

With a professional drain cleaning services in Fairfax, VA,, many safe clog removal options can be used to remove clogs, so you can be rest assured that nothing can go wrong with the pipes, and the clogs won’t remain a piece after this cleaning.

  • Longer result

The service of a professional plumber has a lasting effect, and this is because your plumber will naturally recommend ways to ensure that you do not have to repeat the same mistakes that caused the drains to clog in the first place. Also, bigger clogs may only be slightly broken by a plunger which may either be dissolved or removed totally so that it will take longer to have a similar buildup in your pipe.


Keeping a clean drain is also a way to stay healthy in the house; smelly pipes and slow water can result in health issues and make you sick. To prevent this, you must ensure that your drains are kept neat all the time.

Professional drain service is one of the best options to ensure that you properly manage your drainage or waste system. The drainage or waste disposal system is an integral part of the house’s plumbing, and it is just impossible to live peacefully without a workable one.

Finally, it is said that prevention is better than cure. It would be best if you take proper care of your drains. Where you allow hair to flow freely into the pipe, you may keep having clogged pipes, and that’s not good for your home.

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash