What is buying gold in games – how to convert real money into virtual money and what to consider

MMO RPG is one of the most popular genres in the gaming industry. The social aspect and the need to play and fight with players against other equally live opponents, compete for the status of the best player, fight difficult bosses, and farm thousands of monsters alone or in the company of friends – these are the main points that attract players from all over the world to various projects, including World of Warcraft.

One of the most important resources in any MMO RPG is gold, because regardless of the complexity of the mechanics and methods of extraction, it still remains the only resource for which you can literally buy everything that other players have.

And often a natural question arises – how to mine gold? Consider the World of Warcraft as an example, since this project is quite universal in its economic component.

How to mine and get gold in MMO RPG


Regardless of the direction of the project, quests appear everywhere – these can be short introductory tasks to start understanding the project or a fully built system that leads the player along throughout the pumping.

Such tasks always bring game gold, not always in the right quantities, but thanks to instructions from NPCs, you can build your capital and gain experience.

Grind and farm

The most common way to mine gold, where the quality and increase in income depends directly on your actions. Regardless of which project you choose to play and earn gold – the principle of grinding will remain unchanged and will bring the greatest benefit that you can receive in a fixed amount, that is, multiply and convert your efforts. 

Let’s take World of Warcraft for example – the project is implemented to a greater extent on the quest system, but the grind and extraction of resources that turn into gold are quite developed. The second example is Lineage 2, the project almost completely ignores the quest system and gives players the grind and freedom of choice as the main source of gold mining.


The next source of gold mining will be raids and dungeons. Despite the fact that you can’t get gold directly in this way, you still get the best equipment and weapons in raids that you can get on the server and just sell to other players and get gold to strengthen your character or pure gold earnings.

Buying gold

One of the most popular requests in complex games is to buy game gold to make it easier to start in the game world and get the opportunity to buy equipment that will help you complete the first quests and gain experience at an accelerated pace due to current weapons.

You can always buy cheap Skycoach gold – a professional service that supplies game currencies directly to players, with a transaction masked and anonymity measures are observed to preserve the safety of players in front of the game administration of the project. In the event of a dispute, there is always the option of a refund. The manager always clarifies the methods of gold delivery convenient for the client for comfort and always advises the safest options for transferring the purchased goods.

What are the risks when buying game gold and why

By itself, the principle of mining gold and making money in online games is an invariable basis that helps to divide players into successful and not. Developers put a lot of effort into creating such a project where the economy will be developed, and it will be interesting for players to mine gold and spend it, exchanging valuable resources and services with other players.

Of course, the developers are not happy that some players can use third-party tools, and in our case it is dollars, to improve their financial situation in the game, and on the part of the game creators, this is considered dishonest and is punished by game sanctions.

The purchase of game currency is indeed prohibited and is subject to punishment in the form of game sanctions, which consist in blocking the account for a certain time or permanently.

This risk awaits you – to receive a game punishment in only two cases, which you really need to worry about and beware of.

Buying game currency not from a trusted and reputable service, but from ordinary players. It will not be a secret that in games in which gold plays a special role, players appear who know how to earn it and are ready to share it, not for free, of course, with more needy players.

The first risk is that gold is often transferred after payment, and having paid for the service with real money, you may simply not receive your goods – the player leaves the server and does not bear any responsibility for this, unlike the server, which puts its reputation on the line every time such an exchange. Of course, if you go with a complaint to the game administration, you will not achieve anything, because you voluntarily transferred something to the player and may even receive sanctions for trying to violate the rules of the gaming community or receive a strict warning.

The second risk is that the player still transfers the purchased gold to you, but if you do this without observing all the masking measures, the administration can track the process, find it violating the game rules, withdraw the gold, and impose sanctions for violating the game rules. If the administration enters into a deal, you will always be in a worse position as a buyer, since in such events gold is always withdrawn as a subject of a violation of the game rules, and given that you have already transferred the money for it, you are left without gold and without personal funds.

The principle of working with a professional service

You go to the site of the service – for example, Skycoach.

Choose a game and a server, set the amount, and make a payment.

Wait a few minutes for the manager’s response, a quick response is always only during business hours, at night your application is being processed, and you will be contacted in the morning.

The key point is that in any game there are several ways to transfer gold and the manager selects the option that is convenient for you and always advises the safest one, which is the most difficult for the game administration to track.

For example, handover is the riskiest method because it is the most suspicious, especially if a large amount of gold is being transferred free of charge.

Throwing it on the ground is safer from a tracking point of view, but there is always the risk of gold falling into the wrong hands.

Through the trading platform is the safest, but you need not miss the player.