What are the Next Steps After Hair Removal?

You’ve just exited your first laser hair removal procedure, feeling more confident than you have in years. Maybe you’re ready to hit the beach and show your results to your friends. I’ve just gotten the best hair removal near me, you may think, and it’s time to tell the world. 

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. It doesn’t matter if your hair removal was done at Los Angeles’ trendiest spa or it was completed at the nearest med spa in Eden Prairie, MN – taking care of your skin after hair removal is important for all patients. Failing to do so could lead to irritation and infection and damage your skin over time. Read on to learn about the next steps after laser hair removal.  

Apply soothing creams or gels

A soothing cream or gel on the area where the hair removal occurred is vital to maintaining healthy skin immediately after the procedure. This area may be sensitive, and cream and gel products can alleviate discomfort and promote healing. Products containing aloe vera, for example, work to soothe the skin and address inflammation. 

Your practitioner may suggest over-the-counter drugs or may prompt you to ask your physician for a drug prescription if they notice that your skin needs more protection than standard at-home products can provide. 

An ice pack may also help, especially if you notice swelling in the treatment area. However, if you see significant swelling, develop burns or blisters, or have severe pain, call your doctor immediately. 

Avoid sun exposure or use sunscreen daily

Sun exposure can damage your skin even after a 10-minute walk in the bright light. And after laser hair removal, it can make your skin more sensitive. It may seem unfair, but your practitioner may suggest you stay out of direct sunlight for up to a month. It may also be beneficial to avoid heavy sun exposure for a month before your appointment since the area will be extra sensitive after your procedure. 

If you can’t avoid direct sunlight for that long, apply lots of sunscreen. Most people should wear sunscreen anyway, but it is especially important before and after laser hair removal. Even if you’re confident you can stay out of the sun for a month, applying sunscreen is probably a good idea. The extra protection can never hurt. 


Exfoliating can help to prevent ingrown hairs and keep your skin smooth after laser hair removal. However, waiting at least a week after treatment before exfoliating is essential to avoid irritating the skin. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub or a loofah to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. Don’t use body scrubs or harsh exfoliating solutions for about a week. Be gentle as can be, and your skin will thank you. 

Avoid hot water

Hot water can irritate your skin following laser hair removal. Avoid hot baths or showers for at least 48 hours. Instead, try a lukewarm shower and gently pat the area dry after you’re done. Stay away from pools and hot tubs for at least a week because they contain chlorine and other harsh chemicals. Skipping the sauna and steam room is also advisable.  

Wait before applying makeup or perfume

Avoid makeup, perfume, fragrances, and detergents for at least a week after your procedure. These chemicals may provoke a reaction in the sensitive area. Allow the skin time to heal before you apply. 

Don’t skimp on skincare after laser hair removal

Taking care of your skin after laser hair removal is crucial to ensuring that it heals properly and remains healthy. By applying a soothing cream or gel, avoiding sun exposure, avoiding hot baths or showers, exfoliating, avoiding tight clothing, and waiting before applying makeup or perfume, you can achieve the best results from laser hair removal and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin. Research your options to figure out the best options for hair removal near you.


Image Credit: Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash