What Are The Best Ways To Use Donate Button For Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations need to reach out to their base to get more people to donate. Non-profit organizations can use the donate button to get donors to give and generate funds that way. Several non-profit organizations use this method and can be very successful when you use the best techniques for getting donors. Check out this article to see if you can use this method for your non-profit organization.

Several people and organizations use this method of raising funds, but they do so in different ways. Some people use an online donation feature that allows them to donate when they feel moved to give. Other organizations use your office and ask everyone who works at the company to donate. Or they ask that you provide when you come into the office. 

There are others that use the online donation button. However, they don’t post on the foundation’s website or register with PayPal. These people either receive online donations or send e-mails to their donors about the crowdfunding. There are people who use it to ask for donations when they have special events.

How to use the donation button effectively

Here we have listed 9 effective ways to use the free donate button for non-profit organizations. Check them out below.

  1. Know what cause is important to you

Many non-profits have specific causes that are more important than others. However, some non-profits choose to increase their fundraising success by focusing only on one cause. Suppose a non-profit is trying to raise money to address homelessness or expand its educational programming. In that case, they might feel they need to encourage donations to those causes.

However, if you ask people to give money for one cause, that can be an unrealistic expectation. Instead, it would be best if you asked people to provide money for things they care about. Once you know what cause is important to you, you can determine what a fair amount of money you should ask donors to give to that cause.

Try to write that down on a piece of paper, then practice giving money. Your actual donor interactions will be different from what you think they should be, and you will have to adjust your conversation with each person to reflect what you’re actually asking.

  1. Offer both donate and fundraise buttons

Donate button links are popular in the charitable field, but adding a fundraiser button to your website will encourage your donors to donate more. Adding fundraising buttons helps generate exposure for your cause on social media, increasing the chances of having a donor ask for more information when a friend or colleague shares a post about your work on Facebook, for instance.

Groups that require a higher minimum donation or those who want to encourage users to make small donations more often may also opt to customize their buttons with a specific dollar amount. Small-scale fundraisers also find it useful to keep the donate now tab on their non-profit fundraising campaigns’ status bar, whether it’s to remind you to ask for another donation or let you know how close you are to hitting your goal.

  1. Place your donate button in a perfect location on the page

It would be best to make sure the donate now button is simple to find on your website and noticeable on visitors’ screens. It should stand out from everything else on the page and, at the very least, be noticeable enough that people will click it.

The first step is to gather your content. Perhaps the most important thing about any visual design is to find the information you need to display visually and decide which visual design elements go with that content. Remember, the best designs are those that result from the parts that most interest you, your audience, and your website.

Once you have your main points (i.e., your action buttons) and visual elements determined, you will need to decide where you will be showcasing them. Keep in mind that different areas on your website will require different types of buttons. Some buttons may be more prominent than others. In contrast, some buttons might work better if they are placed in a different location or have an additional button icon.

  1. Make your donate now button big

It is better if the donation button is large enough because bigger donate now buttons help convert occasional donors into lifetime regular donors, which is the main fundraising source of every non-profit organization. 

For example, people convert on the street when they see a big box of clothes with a big logo of a designer brand or a huge pink smiley face. I tried that too! Find out what causes your donors are looking for and target those keywords with your donate button.

  1. Make your donate button colorful

Nicely textured, donation buttons with high contrast are more eye-catching than the simpler designs and work faster. On the other hand, white text on a dark background is hard to read for the visually impaired, potentially affecting the response rate.

Suppose you have a poor color combination in your donation button design. In that case, there’s no reason to present your users with such a useless donate now button. By replacing your donate button with a colorful one, you present a beautiful link to non-profit fundraising and create your non-profit organization’s brand value.

  1. Use a persuasive message around your donate button

The message surrounding the donation button you use on your review website, for example, will drive anyone to take action or lead them to quit. An excellent guideline is to try to align your language with the crowdfunding campaign page’s main story or subject line. For instance, if the page is about to raise fund for education, using words that imply the importance of education for all make it easier for people to take action to this cause.

On average, only 30 percent of people will bother to read through the entire donation page. If you can increase that figure to 60 percent, you have a great chance of making your donation process a success. The goal is to trigger someone to click through and make a donation. A great technique to get people clicking through is to make your call-to-action button look like the beneficiary of their contribution sent it.

Highlight key points and make sure you use a strong call to action like “Click now!” or “Donate today!” to get people to take action. The more money you raise, the more it’s going to get spread around your causes, and the more people you’re going to be able to help.

  1. Don’t make the donation button crowdy

While putting the donate button close to crucial facts that people are willing to read is beneficial. Be mindful not to overwhelm it with excessive content. But simply having a donation button that says “make a donation” or “buy tickets” is not enough.

While adding relevant headlines or links to the screen’s left side will help people click the donation button more easily, you should remove any other non- donation related content. Suppose you want to add some more value to your content to tempt visitors into donating. In that case, you can add some donation pertaining information to that portion of your content.

For example, suppose you have a blog post on a topic of your choice. In that case, you might add a paragraph or two to that post, inviting people to donate to your cause or offering them some kind of reward for their donation. Or, if you’re a member of a group, you might add a donation button at the top of your page so that visitors are encouraged to donate when visiting your site.

  1. Add your donate button to every page

The act of giving is seamless. You can not determine which page of the website of your non-profit would encourage some specific individual to donate. However, you may also maximize the odds of getting a donation by placing the button on each site’s page.

By doing this over time, you can use your non-profit’s website as a marketing tool to target potential donors. You could also collect e-mails and develop your donor base.

  1. Include your donation button in every communication

From your e-mails to your blogs, add your donation button into everything. When you inquire why they donate to a roomful of contributors, many would say, ‘Because I was asked.’ Don’t be afraid, ask always.

The biggest thing that will help you raise money is convincing donors to give. How many times have you stood in a room full of donors and been asked why you’re running a marathon (to raise money for charity)? You don’t want donors walking away from you saying, “I don’t know why I’m giving.” You want them thinking about how running for a cause will change their lives. To do that, you need to remind donors why they gave in the first place.

In each piece of content of your non-profit’s site, try to tell donors why you’re running for this cause compellingly.


The importance of the “Donate Button” for non-profit organizations is its functionality and accessibility. Most non-profit organizations use the donation button to make their crowdfunding campaigns more accessible to potential donors. They also make it easier for people to donate to their organization. Other donors may use the donate now button to support their favorite charities through the use of Group Donations.

Featured Image Credit: vearami on Pixabay