Web 3.0 and Crypto Casinos, our Savior after the Crypto Crash?

Some people might have been lucky enough to pull out their assets before the crash but for most of us, we were too late. Tons of people that have locked stakings running saw their investment dropping day by day all the while they couldn’t do a thing about it. 

In this article, we talk about what we have learned about this in history and how we might be able to recover our investments. 

The crypto market always moves in patterns or cycles as we call them. History always repeats itself in the market. People that recognize this are the ones that are distinguished as great traders from the good traders. 


We all hope the statement of this is true, but history tells us that there is sunlight after thunderstorms. However with the big kings of the crypto industry like Bitcoin or Ethereum we never really saw explosive growth like we see on coins like Cardano or Litecoin.  

Bitcoin and Ethereum are coins that like to go slow and steady. Steam trains that destroy everything on their way ploughing through slow and steady not affected by news or media. 

Exactly like it should be. 

This also allows investors to quickly jump on the train before a recession again or drop.

If you have coins exploding left and right with 30% or 40% it’s hard to time that if that happens in a matter of days or weeks. However with these frontrunner coins that go slow and steady it allows people to jump on thus creating more accumulation driving the price even further. 

Metaverse, Web 3,0 and Crypto Casino hype

As more smart contracts roll out and more web 3.0 projects are being developed, the prices of coins skyrocket. So this is why this might be beneficial for all traders or even just holders of the coins. Also, people are turning towards crypto casinos instead of the traditional casino as people really want a decentralised experience. However, whether crypto casinos are something that is laid away for you is something you need to figure out. 

Online you can find many crypto casinos, however, not all are created equal sadly. 

As the crypto space is very big and full of hype, a lot of scammers like to come and take a swing at new traders or investors. It’s recommended to use secure sites to find good, reliable and reputable crypto casino.

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