Vietnam Business Visa | Definition, Requirements and Fees

Vietnam business visa is one of the most important things for those going to Vietnam. The visa is proof that you come to Vietnam legally. If you don’t know about the process of getting it, let’s Wolo Tour tell you in this article


1. The definition of Vietnam business visa

Vietnam business visa is known as a DN visa. This kind of visa is used for working purposes. The owner of a Vietnam business visa will come to Vietnam to participate in meetings, signing business contracts, etc with Vietnamese enterprises.

The visa allows its owner for a maximum period of 12 months. It also has entry options for businessmen: Single Entry and Multiple Entry.

The sample of Vietnam business visa


2. How many types of Vietnam business visa?

Business visa in Vietnam is based on the length of your stay (Validity) and the number of entries. You can apply for which type of visa meets your demand. There are 6 options of business visa for you to choose:

  • 1 month single entry visa.
  • 1 month multiple entry visa.
  • 3 months single entry visa.
  • 3 months multiple entry visa.
  • 6 months multiple entry visa.
  • 1 year multiple entry visa.

3. What are the requirements for a business visa in Vietnam?

You have to prepare some necessary documents for the visa application process, included:

  • Passport: Your passport has at least 6 months validity and 2 bank pages ( One for immigration stamp, one for Vietnam’s visa stamp).
  • Photos: 2 passport photos.
  • Sponsorship letter: A licensed company in Vietnam provides.
  • Vietnam visa application: Can be filled online.
The application form for business visa Vietnam

4. How to get Vietnam business visa?

Getting a Vietnam visa for businessmen recently is not difficult. There are two ways for you to get business visa to Vietnam currently as follows:

4.1. Visa at Vietnam Embassy and Consulate

This is a common way for getting a visa at the Embassy. Before applying, you should contact the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate for guidance. It will help you to prepare the necessary documents and the steps to follow.

Getting a Vietnam business visa at the embassy of Vietnam

4.2. Visa on arrival

Many busy people use this option of visa to save their time and money. They don’t have to go to the Vietnam embassy/consulate, fill in the form and pay a fee in cash. But a visa on arrival does not require any travel at all.

  • Step 1: Fill the form. You or your sponsor enterprise will complete the secure online form. This application must be filled in with your personal information, your travel details as well as provide documents for sponsoring the business visa.
  • Step 2: Get the approval letter via your email. You will get a visa letter via your email. All you need is packing your luggage, preparing business documents and going to the international airport. When you land at Vietnam airport, go to the visa desk to get your visa stamped

5. How much does Vietnam business cost?

Vietnam business visa at Embassy and Consulate cost depends on the number of entries and the length of your stay. The more you enter, the higher the cost. Please contact the Vietnam Embassy and Consulate for more information.

Vietnam business visa on arrival cost includes: Service fee and stamping fee.

  • Service fee: Paid online. This fee is for processing visa approval letter with the Vietnam Immigration Department. The cost of service fee can change due to visa types, processing time and number of applicants.
  • Stamping fee: Paid by cash. You pay a stamping fee at the arrival airport to Immigration Officer to stampe your. The price will be between 25-135 USD due to the length of your visa. You can read the following table to know about stamping fee at Vietnam international airport:
Type of visa Stamping fee Service fee
1 month single entry 25 USD 80 USD
1 month multiple entry 50 USD 90 USD
3 months single entry 25 USD 135 USD
3 months multiple entry 50 USD 145 USD

6. Vietnam business visa processing time

Vietnam business visa processing time is not fixed: .

  • Vietnam business visa at Embassy and Consulate processing time: It is not public. Please contact the Embassy and Consulate you intend to work with to find out the finishing time.
  • Vietnam business visa on arrival: About 5-7 working days since your letter is approved. In some emergency cases, the process can be shortened in 2-3 working days.
Visa processing time
  1. 7. WOLO TOUR helps you with your Vietnam business visa

WOLO TOUR is one of the most famous agencies for getting visas. We have over 10 years of working in this field so we are proud to support you in the visa making process. Our helpful staffs are willing to assist you by emailing or phoning (+84) 918 21 2468.

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We hope that our useful information about the Vietnam business visa helps you on your next trip. If you have any other questions, please contact WOLO TOUR so we can support you to solve your visa problem.

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