Vet Visits Just Got Easier With Pet Insurance

When something goes wrong, you want to be protected, right? It’s always wise to have a safety net beneath you. This is why so many people nowadays are investing in pet insurance

Most people understand the benefits of auto or homeowners insurance. However, not enough people are familiar with pet insurance. 

Some pet owners question whether it makes sense to pay a monthly fee on the off chance that something bad happens to their pet. In theory, it might seem like a waste of money to pay for something that hasn’t happened yet. 

Yet, they fail to realize just how much it costs to treat a serious injury or illness in their pet. If surgery is needed, your vet bill can add up to thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands.

Pet care is very expensive. Often, the same products are used on pets as for humans. Therefore, expect the pricing to be fairly similar. 

When you consider how much you can save with insurance, the monthly premium you pay begins to seem much less burdensome. Pet insurance can literally be a lifesaver. The peace of mind you get when you have a strong plan behind you is priceless. 

Cheaper Costs

Now, you may be wondering, how exactly does pet insurance save you money? Well, the answer is simple. 

When you sign up for a pet insurance plan, you are essentially paying to have your future vet bills covered. Every pet insurance brand has their own policy, but typically, there are two types of coverage: accidents-only or accidents and illnesses. 

As you can probably guess, accidents-only insurance plans only cover physical injuries. For instance, if your dog fell down the stairs and hurt their leg, they would be covered under an accidents-only plan. 

On the other hand, an accidents and illnesses plan covers injuries and illnesses. This means that if your pet develops a disease like cancer, their treatment and medication would be covered. Generally, an accidents and illnesses plan costs more than an accidents-only plan. 

Once you sign up for a plan, you’ll have to pay a small deductible. After meeting this threshold, your benefits will be activated. From that point forward, your insurance plan will cover a percentage of your vet bills. 

Improved Care

Pet insurance also allows you to get access to higher quality care. When you have pet insurance, it makes your vet’s life easier. 

With insurance, they’re able to run all of the tests they need, in order to give an accurate and timely diagnosis for your pet. Without insurance, you may be unwilling to pay for all these individual tests, leading to a less efficient visit. 

Many pet owners say they don’t care about the cost of their vet bills. However, that resolve often fades when they see just how pricey their bill is. You shouldn’t ever have to be cheap when it comes to your pet’s health. 

Furthermore, pet insurance allows you to pick your vet. Instead of going to a local animal hospital and letting the staff choose your vet for you, you can choose from a variety of different vets in your area, both in private and public practices. 

This is where medical insurance for your pet differs from yourself; unlike human health insurance, pet insurance gives you the freedom to see any doctor you choose. You can also research these doctors before you commit to one.

Lastly, pet insurance also allows you to see a specialist without a referral form a doctor. This is extremely useful during after hours and holidays, as pet specialty hospitals are the only ones open during those times. 

Customizable Plan

Another benefit of pet insurance is that many companies allow you to build a customizable plan. Instead of paying a monthly premium for a bunch of services you don’t need, you can choose which services to pay for. 

Have you ever felt like you were wasting money paying for health insurance because you never use any of the services offered? Well, with pet insurance, you can find a plan that offers you value, no matter what. 

Today, many pet insurance plans offer coverage on general wellness checks, grooming, behavioral treatments, and more. Prior to contrary belief, pet insurance isn’t only for accidents and illnesses. 

If your pet suffers from a chronic condition, it is ideal to invest in a customizable insurance plan. The right plan can save you tons of money on treatment and medication that your pet will regularly need.