Vaping News: Teen Vaping Drop or Shift?

One of the most significant pushes for vaping bans was the problem of teen vaping. Adults were d feeply concerned with the problem and created many buzzes to reach authorities for changing the situation. At the same time, many vapers were not happy with the situation. Some of them believed that their rights had been impinged. The main slogans for this were that parents need to dedicate enough time to their children’s upbringing or that ban should work for those under 21 only.

Still, a great number of vapers supported such laws despite living through some discomfort. They said that vaping is their choice and they are responsible for their health, whereas if they can vape all around the city, it can harm many people, both young and old. Therefore, some bans even had the backing of some vapers. This aspect shows that our society is getting more responsible and is becoming a safer community. However, we are still on the way to utopic equality and mutual respect. You can always check VapingDaily News for more information. 

Vaping Minors Drop

The recent vaping news shows that the number of young adults and teens has significantly leveled off. The US Federal Report declares that high school students are getting less interested in vaping than the previous generation. However, when commenting on this vaping news claim, experts in the field claim that the main reason for such a decrease is not the legal bans but the fear of acquiring vaping-related illnesses and possibly passing away. According to psychologists, anxiety is one of the most substantial feelings in human life.

On the contrary, we know that teens are more likely to risk and fulfill dangerous tasks because of changes in hormones. They dream of realizing their potential and want to prove that their abilities have no limit. Therefore, the first reason (of death coming sooner) seems not to be much logical for some minors. Their motives are based on lack of access to buying vaping goods and plenty of flavor extinction. Having no point of interest in vaping, they just quit. This is the argument in favor of vaping bans.

Official Data

Research into teen vaping presents us with the following results. The drop of vapers within high school students equals 20 percent. At the same time, the figures are fourfold smaller for middle school students. Therefore, the total number is minus 1.8 million vapers within the younger generation in a year. This makes us come back to the arguments that teenagers are riskier and do not tend to give up their habits even if some obstacles are artificially created. At the same time, high school students are more reasonable and mature. Some of them even think of their future job and family, which makes them take more care of their health. These days, officials claim that the number of vaping teens and young adults has dropped to 3.6 million, which is still impressive.

Despite good vaping news, the US Food and Drug Administration claims that there is a great bump in the consumption of disposable e-cigs. The FDA has barred flavored tastes from devices popular among young people, e.g., Juul e-cigs. Such vaping devices would be used predominantly by minors. However, flavors for disposable e-cigs are still accessible for sale. Any teenager can find a disposable vape pen with a banana, candy, apple, chocolate, or other flavors. Vaping news is riddled with opinions and comments. The main idea is that now teens and young adults will shift to disposable cigs, which can hardly be called healthy and is more expensive for them and their parents.

According to recent vaping news, the critical and eradicative point of view supports the total ban, which will destroy the industry. The preceding shows us that vaping cannot be completely banned because the economy will suffer. According to Market Research by Arizton, the vaping industry can reach up to $60 billion within the next four years. Similar forecasts are made by other companies as well. The number of people involved in the vaping industry before a product comes to the sale point is also tremendously huge. Therefore, a total ban on vaping will increase the unemployment rate, which any government does not desire under any circumstances.

Last but never least is the coronavirus factor. The pandemic is on for over a year already. Many schools are closed, and children have their contacts cut. Therefore, though having a chance to learn and communicate with friends online, they are more often deprived of the opportunity to vape while the adults are away. Simultaneously, research figures can be distorted because the research of its previous scale (like in 2019) cannot be conducted under these circumstances. The accurate data can be calculated using some statistical methods, but they might still lack accuracy.

Teen Vaping Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay