Valparaíso: The True Paradise for Casinos in Chile

The city of Valparaíso, Chile’s main port, is 120 kilometers west of Santiago, and is known for its densely populated hills and old elevators.

The National Congress, the Prat Pier, the Artillery Elevator, Plaza Sotomayor, Paseo 21 de Mayo, the “La Sebastiana” Museum, Pablo Neruda’s house, and the Arturo Prat Naval Museum are among the most outstanding attractions. Within this very cultural city, there are more than 95 national monuments, a historic center declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a port and its characteristic hills that cover the city.

Thanks to the digital revolution that was kicked into high gear during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chile became a valued player in the online casino market, with several local online casinos offering their games to the Chilean people in a safe environment, with equally secure deposit and withdrawal methods. Whether you enjoy traditional or online casinos in Chile,  look no further: Valparaíso is truly the gambling capital of beautiful Chile. In this article, we’ll present to you some of the best casinos for you to go and play (and hit the jackpot) in Valparaíso, Chile.

Enjoy Viña del Mar

Right in the heart of “The Garden City”, one of the most popular tourist cities in Chile. Located in San Martín Street, Enjoy Viña del Mar Casino stands out for its imposing and beautiful Greco-Roman style construction, with elegant rooms housing the best table games and slots, where you can bet while earning and accumulating reward points, which are called Enjoy Club.

Enjoy Viña del Mar is a wonderful place. They took full advantage of the last few months, since they remodeled, changing the layout, and the new spaces have been a huge success. An excellent place to have fun, share, eat, talk, and of course, play for some extra money. 

Enjoy San Antonio

Formerly known as Casino del Pacífico, this casino has 342 slot machines, 17 table games and 148 bingo positions. It is certainly a small casino, however, that makes it quite welcoming, even for those who do not enjoy gambling. This casino has something extra that makes it attractive to visit: live music and a separate room where karaoke is performed on weekends. Definitely a nice place to hang out, the prices are quite affordable and there is also a happy hour.

Enjoy Santiago

A casino and hotel of your dreams! The Enjoy Santiago casino is always busy and puts on shows for its guests. Possibly the best place to spend a weekend. You can experience the excitement of the gaming room, one of the largest casinos in Chile. They have more than 1,200 slots machines, 58 table game, smoking terraces, and private VIP lounges.

Valparaíso Sporting

In the heart of the garden city is the oldest racecourse in Latin America. Valparaiso Sporting is known for its spectacular nature and its imposing historical buildings. In this unique  setting, the most important horse race in Chile (The Chilean Derby) takes place,  attracting thousands of Chilean families for more than 100 years. This celebration fills the city with a party atmosphere beyond compare.

Valparaíso Sporting has facilities for all tastes in order to provide the best panoramas and events throughout the year: parties, weddings, recitals, seminars, fairs, and birthdays are all held here. If you like horse betting, you can’t miss it!