Using Mobile Device Management in Different iOS Devices

Learn everything there is to know about how Mobile device management iOS allows you to configure devices securely and wirelessly, whether they are corporate or employee-owned. 

What is Mobile Device Management? 

Mobile device management is a software that allows IT departments to create policies for securing, monitoring, and managing end-user mobile devices. This covers smartphones and tablets, computers, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. MDM helps secure a business network while also allowing users to utilize their own devices and work more efficiently. An IT administrator can install, review, or remove profiles, delete passcodes, and commence a secure wipe on a managed device using the MDM service.

Mobile device management software for iOS devices

MDM for iOS is a device management tool or software that helps organizations manage their corporate Apple devices. iOS device management tools and solutions are specifically designed for iOS remote management. These mobile device management solutions allow IT administrators to remotely enrol and deploy corporate and privately owned Apple devices in bulk and maintain them, enforce security configurations and send application updates.

System administrators can use the Mobile Device Management iOS protocol to transmit device management commands to controlled iOS devices running iOS 4 and later. It allows IT administrators to install iPhones, define security policies, and provision iOS devices with the necessary apps and content over the air. 

Basics of MDM for iOS devices

The MDM for iOS consists of three components: the device under management (iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches), the server in charge of management (different MDM servers) and APNS – a technique for the server to wake up the device 

Benefits of iOS device management 

MDM for iOS devices provides the following benefits to organizations:

MDM solutions for iOS devices include a dashboard for reviewing the details like software and hardware specifications, information on associated setups and certifications, installed apps, etc.

Organizations can use an iOS MDM solution to deploy devices to all their employees in bulk with minimal admin interaction.

Mobile device management iPhone solutions for iOS enable enterprises to manage and store enterprise apps throughout their lifecycle. It prevents users from installing harmful apps and allows companies to run only a limited set of programs on the devices.

Administrators can activate — or, in certain situations, disable — restrictions to prevent employees/users from accessing a specific service, app, or function of an iPhone, Mac laptop, iPad, or Apple TV enrolled in an MDM solution.

MDM solutions offer a wide range of policies that helps enterprises to set devices to their own needs while also ensuring corporate data protection.

Final Thoughts

Mobile device management for iOS devices includes monitoring policy compliance, updating software and device settings, and remotely locking or deleting devices. SureMDM by 42gears is an example of a powerful and intuitive MDM solution for iOS devices. It can encrypt, monitor, and control company-owned and employee-owned devices used to access company data (BYOD).

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