Using a Nose Mask – What To Know

When it comes to getting the protection that works during this pandemic, one of the few resources that people can actually count on is nose masks. Good quality nose masks, like the Air Queen Face Mask, have and continue to play a major role in helping people feel safe.

Yet, considering how long these valuable resources have been in play, and helping people, many individuals are still to realize just how useful a tool they can be in these times. So, without further ado, here are some major reasons to consider, concerning wearing a nose mask.

  • It’s Capable of Warding Off the Virus

When made from durable, reliable material and then worn as it’s supposed to be, nose masks can do a lot to keep you safe in these times. As you’re likely already aware, the primary route of transmission of the COVID virus is by air.

What a good nose mask does for you is that it acts as a sort of filtering shield between the air around you and your air pathways. This means that, even if you come in contact with airborne particles of the virus, as long as you’re wearing your nose mask properly, there’s still a more than decent chance you’ll be fine!

  • It Effectively Stems Asymptomatic Spread

It’s common knowledge that most people that come in contact with the COVID disease become physically ill. This is where either engaging in self-quarantine practices or visiting a hospital or a medical center comes into the picture. However, there are instances where people can have this virus in their body system and yet not exhibit any of the known symptoms.

More often than not, individuals who forgo precautionary practices like using a reliable self-test kit like Flowflex to check their status may already have the virus but not be immediately aware of that fact. But, even though they don’t display symptoms, they can still infect other people.

Wearing a good quality nose mask prevents all of that from happening as the nose mask will considerably reduce the number of viral pathogens emitted into the air on the part of the asymptomatic infected while filtering it out on the part of the uninfected!

  • It May Help You Protect Your Loved Ones

As we mentioned earlier, keeping tabs on your health status by taking measures like using a good self-test kit can prove very beneficial. When you use a good home test kit and discover you may have the virus, you have one of two options open to you;

The first is to spend the next few days in self-isolation to see how things turn out or visit a medical professional and ask for a consultation. If for any reason, you can’t or don’t want option two, then that means that for the period you’re home, you may put your family at risk if you don’t take proper measures.

What a nose mask, you can effectively ensure that no one in your home contracts the virus from you! 

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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