Trends in the Sports Industry For 2022

The sports industry is now not only dedicated to training, playing matches, or hosting events. Other trends are happening in the sports industry, and it’s necessary to know what these trends are and how they are transforming the sports industry.

Do You Want to Know The 2022 Trends in The Sports Industry?

Today, clubs are not only sports organizations; they have become content producers. Real Madrid has its television channel, while Barça has its own production company. They’re not only operating in traditional media but also digital media (web, social networks, and other platforms).

Technology Applied to Sport

If you follow football events, even for NFL betting, you might have seen some technologies in action during the match. It’s exciting to understand how technology emerged and impacted the most popular sport in the world. 

Other systems allow for close monitoring of participants in any competition or event like the NFL.

The Goal-line Technology

This system was first officially implemented in 2012 at the Club World Cup in Japan, where the Brazilian club Corinthians was the champion. It helps the refs to validate a scored goal at a critical moment of the game. It has happened in several football matches, and this tech comes to the rescue. 

The operation of this technology relies on the usage of complex camera systems to define whether the ball has wholly crossed the goal line. A chip inside the ball remotely warns the referee, who receives the notification through a clock. 

Thanks to this technology, many controversial situations were avoided, helping in the course of the match.

Technology will continue to advance everywhere. Wearables will continue to play a prominent role in the sports sector. Furthermore, there are already new success stories such as smart shin guards that allow better observation of the performance of athletes or the usage of artificial intelligence in charge of measuring the impact of sponsors on social networks.

Sporting Goods

This technology is installed in athletes’ sporting equipment, like boots that have evolved with studs to support athletes. These boots adapt to the shape of each player’s foot, the insoles are designed to absorb impact better, and the cleats are made to provide further control.

Performance Analysis

It’s one of the most incredible significant developments within the NFL. In addition to enhancing the directly linked equipment to the athlete during the match, the technology helped improve everything that involves training and the player. 

Specific tests, individualized training, state-of-the-art devices, GPS, etc., are used to improve athletes. It brings significant results during matches that are only possible thanks to technology.

Fans Will Gain More Prominence

Work will be done so that fans are at the center of the action and are active subjects during matches. In addition, it will help attract a young audience so that there is a generational change in sports fans.

Technology will be an excellent ally for this. It must be considered that the sports consumption habits of the public are changing.

Thus, young people are no longer so willing to follow a sports tournament in its entirety.

This’s why in some competitions (Formula 1, World Padel Tour, or MotoGP, among others), the rules are changing, cuts in the duration of the transmission, and other actions.

In addition, some prefer to follow sports news on other media such as Twitch. It will make it necessary to rethink sporting events and advertising broadcasting.

Smart Stadiums

Little by little, stadiums and sports facilities have ceased to be a space to hold sports competitions to become business and leisure centers.

You just have to see the remodeling of the Bernabéu and the Camp Nou. Both represent a preview of their commercial strategy in the coming years.

Sports facilities now host shopping malls, restaurants, fitness centers, or other services related to leisure.

Added to this is the technology to improve the fan experience, optimize resources and collect data to improve performance.


The awareness of caring for the environment has also reached sports. More and more sports companies and brands are promoting actions to reduce the impact of this activity on the environment. Some are already starting to withdraw paper tickets, such as Bayern Munich.

Fitness at Home

With confinement and the need to exercise, the sale of fitness-related items skyrocketed. Also, people are still reluctant to return to the gym.

In fact, there have been cases of COVID in some centers. It means that people have decided to do their routines at home. Although, at first, it seems like something that harms gyms, it must also be seen as an opportunity and a new market to provide a solution.

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