Travelers: Plan Carefully for Maximum Enjoyment

Have you done enough planning for an upcoming vacation, honeymoon, or once in a lifetime trip? It’s human nature to forget a thing or two, no matter how much preparation you do. That’s why it’s so important to think outside the box and take in another perspective. Every year, millions of people discover that one essential mistake has caused an otherwise enjoyable excursion to morph into a logistical nightmare. Don’t let it happen to you.

What’s the solution? Besides taking care of the financial side of things long before departure, it helps to make a definitive checklist that takes nearly every possibility into account. That means considering occurrences like possible travel delays, accidents, side trips, theft of your belongings, illness, and inclement weather. It’s not about being pessimistic. Instead, the focus should be on how to anticipate all the stuff that could go wrong and take preventive measures during the planning phase. Here are details about items that should be near the top of your pre-travel to-do list.

Personal Loans

Applying for and taking out a personal loan to cover all the expenses of a vacation can be a game-changer. In addition to saving money by scanning for personalized, custom loan rates on a single platform or website, obtaining a loan gives people a chance to bag major early-bird discounts on hotels, airfare, tour fees, and more. Instead of sifting through dozens of websites, try to use a single resource where you can compare loan rates and terms from multiple offers. Why run up high-interest credit cards during a vacation when you can get financing up front well in advance at more competitive rates? For those wise enough to book accommodations and transportation a few months in advance, a personal loan is an ideal way to fund an entire journey long before departure day.

Side Trips

One of the biggest, unexpected expenses for large numbers of pleasure travelers is the side trip, those add-on excursions to nearby islands and historical sites that come with additional costs. Cruise passengers often find themselves at a financial loss when faced with exciting opportunities for short afternoon jaunts to tiny islands and natural wonders, like volcanoes and ancient ruins. The trick for being able to afford these fun outings is borrowing enough money during the planning stage of your getaway and checking with tour organizers to find out what kinds of side trips are on the menu.

Transportation Delays

Every few weeks, media outlets report on one or another major airline or train delay in a major tourist area. No one ever thinks it will happen to them until it does. The problem is particularly likely during the current era of COVID, increased terror incidents, immigration problems, and logistics backlogs. The global airline industry is in a rather delicate condition as the 2020s continue to experience huge travel interruptions on every continent. One workaround for savvy tourists is to always have enough funds at hand to take alternate transportation, like trains, buses, or ships.


Airports and large train hubs are rife with pickpockets and baggage thieves. The sad fact is that few travelers plan for the worst. Some locations offer quick recovery of stolen items, and insurance companies can and do reimburse policyholders for the value of lost items. However, the process of filing a claim and receiving compensation can takes weeks at best. The answer is to learn how to avoid theft and to have access to enough money to purchase emergency items, like clothing and personal products, to get through a few days without your own luggage and belongings.


Accidents can and do happen, but few people are ready to deal with the cost of medical care in a foreign nation or city far away from their homes. One preventive measure is to carry proof of medical insurance and speak with your insurer before departing to make certain that you have the necessary coverage in the destination city. There are even a few companies that sell specialized insurance policies that cover most hospital, emergency, and treatment costs for those who fall victim to serious accidents while on vacation.


Adverse weather has led to more trip cancellations than most people suspect. Whether your plans include skiing, fishing, or beach activities, an unexpected storm can quickly put a damper on an entire trip. Keep in mind that some hotels and airlines will not reimburse for such occurrences. Always find out from your carrier and accommodations manager what the policy is about weather-related cancellations. If you book trips through a professional agent, there are usually add-on fees for inclement weather insurance. Consider buying the coverage if you want some extra peace of mind.