Traditional Betting Strategies That Work on Crash Gambling Games

Crash sites have become very popular recently, especially with younger players. These bets can be made with traditional fiat currency or with crypto payments and crypto bets are now gaining traction. Crash games are simple to learn and they can lead to big wins if the players are lucky enough.

In this article, we’ll explore crash betting popularity and how it’s similar but distinct from traditional games. We’ll also discuss a few common strategies that crash game players often use in order to increase their chances and beat the game.

What’s Crash Betting in The First Place?

 Crash betting refers to wagering on so-called crash games. These are based on luck and the player simply places a bet and waits for the outcome to be determined based on a random number generator. Once the player places the bet the game spins and their winnings are determined by a multiple designated for the turn the game is on.

This means that after each turn the winnings multiply by an exponentially larger rate. At one point, the game “crashes” and the player loses everything. The goal of the game is therefore to withdraw your winnings at the start of the right turn.

How Does the Game Work?

 The outcome of the game is based on luck alone. The game will crash based on a random numbers generator which means that once you spin it for the first time, the final outcome is already set. This happens with each spin and there’s no way for players to know or predict the outcome.

In this regard, crash gambling is similar to traditional games of luck, such as dice games or slots. Therefore many strategies used to minimize the risks associated with these games work for crash gambling.


 Since crash bets are determined by the AI, it’s possible to precisely calculate how volatile the game is and what’s the “return to player rate”. These statistics determine how often the game will pay out and how much of the funds the players bet, they can get back at the end.

Most crash gambling sites keep this information public and available to the player. They can also be found in online reviews and analytics. It’s a good idea for crash gamblers to learn this information about the game beforehand and to use it when choosing which crash gambling site to play in.

Why the Craze?

 Crash gambling games have become quite popular recently for a great many reasons. Casual and simple games are popular in general, as most of the younger players enjoy games that can be automated and played on the phone. In this regard, crash games are perfect as the whole process can be left on autopilot.

If you’re lucky enough, you can win big in crash games, as the winnings multiply with each turn. The simplicity and the potential wins attract players from all over the world.

Setting Up a Gambling Budget

Both crash and traditional games operate on the same principle when it comes to setting up a budget. This refers to the amount you’re willing to bet and spend on the game during a session. Once a player sets such a budget they should stick to it, meaning they should quit the game once they’ve reached the amount.

Most crash gambling sites allow the player to automate this process. The account will automatically be blocked once you reach the designated amount and the player is put on a time-out before they can add more funds or bet again.

Using the Martingale Strategy

 One of the most popular strategies for crash gambling games is also used for traditional games based on luck. It’s often used in roulettes and it applies to dice games as well. The preposition behind the strategy is simple enough.  The player doubles their bet every time they lose and returns to the initial bet value.

That way all the losses are recovered after each win. There are also downsides to this approach and they stem from the fact that no player can keep doubling their bets after a lot of consecutive crashes.

Reverse Martingale Strategy

 Reverse Martingale strategy is just as popular with crash games as it’s popular with the traditional games of luck, such as roulettes. It works on the same principle as the original Martingale strategy – that each win recovers the previous losses.  The main difference is that the rules are reversed and that the bet is doubled every time you win and returns to the initial amount when you lose.

It suffers from the same problems as the original version. The strategy can’t work forever as players can’t keep doubling the bet every time, even if they are small amounts at first.

Labouchere System (Cancellation System)

 The Labouchere System is a common gambling strategy often used with traditional roulette games that can be used when playing crash gambling games as well.

In this strategy, the player determines a sequence of numbers and bets the sum of the first and last numbers in the sequence. After a win, the player removes the used numbers from the sequence. After a loss, the player adds the lost bet amount to the end of the sequence. The goal is to completely cancel out all numbers in the sequence.

Use the Crash Game Bonuses

 Crash gambling bonuses work the same as most traditional bonuses. They are promotional tools used to help out new players and reward the loyal ones. The player should take advantage of bonuses but they should also be aware of the gambling requirements they need to meet in order to withdraw the bonus funds.

Welcome bonus

This is the most common bonus offered to crash players. It’s issued when the player signs up for a crash gambling site account. These bonuses usually have a 100 percent wagering requirement meaning that you need to win the same amount as the initial bonus before you’re able to withdraw it.

Match deposit

This bonus is issued when a player makes their first deposit to a crash account. It matches the amount you’ve added and in most cases, the wagering requirements are the same as with welcome bonuses. There’s both a minimum and maximum amount you can add and still qualify for the match deposit bonus.

Referral bonuses

Many crash gambling sites offer referral bonuses for players who have referred others to their sites. These bonuses are usually generous and have low wagering requirements as gambling sites tend to value any new player they can get.

To Sum Up

 Crash games are games of luck in which players can’t affect the outcome or get better at the game over time. They are quick and easy to learn and you can win big if you’re lucky and if you implement a gambling strategy to minimize the risk involved.

In this regard, crash games are similar to some traditional games such as slots, roulette, or dice games. The players often implement strategies that allow them to recover their losses quickly and incrementally increase their winnings, by always gambling in accordance to the system. These work but require a large initial budget.

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