Top Interesting Drawing Topics/ Themes for Kids of all ages

Drawing is an activity that appeals to kids of all ages. It is easier for kids to engage in scribbling, drawing lines and shapes to start with. It draws their attention and makes them channel all their imaginative capability into creating something worthwhile.

It is believed that drawing is one of the activities kids engage in earlier in life; it could be doodling, or working on an art project which makes them unleash their creativity. However, it might be an arduous task to come up with a topic for their drawing activity. Hence, we –, have decided to do the thinking for you by discussing 10 easy drawing topics you can engage yourself with. Read till the end!

  • Rainbow/ Cloud drawing 

Who doesn’t love the different colors that appears after the rainfall or who doesn’t love looking up at the clouds to see what’s up there. Kids love viewing the rainbows in the cloud as the combination is amazing. To get this drawing right, you begin by drawing the cloud and then adding the seven colors of the rainbow. Use your paint, crayons, water colors to create the rainbow colors which are green, blue, red, yellow, purple, indigo and violet.

  • Dragon drawing 

Dragon drawing is another great topic for engaging in drawing activity. Dragons are popular among kids due to their mystical looks. Among some cultures such as Chinese and Eastern regions, dragons are powerful symbols with attached folklores that tell of their goodness and the luck they bring to humans. Although, some others view dragons as a fire breathing animal that is evil. Well, kids don’t really care much about those details but how to draw this mystical animal. To draw a cute dragon, place your paper in a vertical position to make room for the body of the big dragon you want to draw. Use a big circle to represent the head of the dragon and start drawing the front legs from the bottom of the head. Make the bottom of the legs round and connect them in the middle using a small line. Draw a small circle on the outside bottom of each kegs to form the dragon’s back legs. Draw the small ears at the side of the head and draw a small tail at one of the back legs. Add a line at the middle of the belly to make it different from the back legs. Add a half-circle to create the dragons feet/paws and make them look like a small hill shape. Add a small circle on the face to make the eye, nose and add horns on the head. Make your dragon look cute by adding some colors.

  • Mermaid drawing 

Mermaids fascinate girls and make them want to spend hours drawing. Mermaid drawing is a popular topic and is easy to draw. Start by drawing a round circle for the head of your mermaid. Use two oval shapes, small curved lines to create the eyes and mouth of the mermaid. Add a long fishtail which represents the legs. Use seashell clothes and long hair to complete the image of the mermaid. Use your imagination to add the appropriate color to make your image stand out.

  • Hand Tracing

Hand tracing is regarded as a traditional art which can also result in full body tracing. Hand tracing is a creative drawing that kids enjoy doing. Kids love to focus on their looks and try to recreate the image on their drawing paper. By tracing the shape of their hands, they can form any image they want such as different types of animals. 

  • Self-Portrait drawing

Kids love to focus on how their body looks and try to represent the image on their paper. Drawing a self-portrait makes them creative and imaginative. This serves as a form of observation of their features and what makes them look different. They start with using simple shapes to create their body part and even add their favourite animals or pets in the background. 

  • Favourite superhero/ cartoon heroes drawing 

Yes, superheroes it cartoon heroes are one of those topics kids love to recreate through their drawing activities. There are many cartoon characters that fascinate kids and through drawing, they want to capture their image to remind them of who they aspire to be or even hang it for their viewing pleasure at any time. There are many Superheroes/cartoon characters such as Spiderman, Superman, Minion, The Lion King, WonderWoman, Tarzan, Winnie the Pooh, Pinky, Pokemon, and many more. They can also use their imagination to create their own superhero or cartoon character. This drawing topic develop their imaginative capability and character building using images. 

  • School drawing

Many kids in the world today go to schools. As they go to their school environments, there are many things that catch their attention. They can depict what is seen through drawing. They can engage in creating images that depict their school and what they see and interact with. They can draw the school bus, a classmate, their classroom setting, draw teachers, the lab, the library, the playground, the buildings, the teacher addressing the students, the principal’s office, the football field or sport centers and many more. 

  • Family drawing 

Family is everything to kids and one of the best way to capture the appeal is through drawing of their family members. This drawing topic means the whole world to them as they love seeing their parents and siblings represented on paper through their efforts. They can draw a family portrait, their siblings and parents, their lively house, family members holding each other’s hands, family fun time and other images that enable them to unleash their love for family ties. 

  • Cute animals drawing

Cute animals drawing interest to kids. Kids love animals and drawing is their medium of showing appreciation of having animals around them. They can draw their cute pets, puppies and dogs, cats, birds, horses, fishes, dolphins, lions, butterflies, and other animals that capture their attention. You can see many butterfly drawings from

  • Shape/sizes drawing

Many kids, especially the little boys and girls, start their drawing adventures by drawing shapes of different sizes and colors. They begin with either big small shapes or different sizes of the popular shapes such as circle,oval, square, round, ball, moon, star, sun and so many more. To make their drawings colorful, they paint or color them in different colors.