‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer Breakdown

July 12, 2019. June 24, 2020. June 26, 2020. December 23, 2020. July 2, 2021. November 19, 2021. May 27, 2022.

Those 7 dates were (with the final being confirmed) at one-point, potential release dates for the long-anticipated sequel Top Gun: Maverick which is finally set to release after nearly three years of delays and a pandemic and the latest trailer dropped to tease audiences with what to expect from Paramount’s latest legacy sequel. 

For starters, the visuals in this trailer are nothing short of impressive as it looks like director Joseph Kosinski and cinematographer Claudio Miranda have literally attached cameras to the bodies of the jets used for filming. The trailer opens with several scenes of young, fresh recruits for the Navy’s Top Gun program as they glibly remark that there is no one who would be able to train them or show them new things. 

On cue, the next scene introduces Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and Jon Hamm’s character of a Vice Admiral as Maverick arrives on base while mirroring an iconic shot from the original film as he races a fighter jet while on a motorcycle. It’s a subtle nod to the visuals and impact of the 1986 classic. While being dressed mildly dressed down by his superior officers, Maverick laments that he is “not a teacher” and does not see the value in transitioning to that role. There is also a brief photo cameo of actor Val Kilmer who seems to have been promoted to Admiral in the years since the original film. It is unclear if Kilmer will make an appearance in the film as the actor has lost his voice due to cancer in recent years. 

The rest of the trailer is filled with more of the impressive visuals while offering a glimpse of the film’s plot. Maverick is tasked to train pilots for combat against an unnamed enemy while also acknowledging that one of them may die. Among these new recruits that is on the receiving of Maverick’s downer pep talk is Bradley Bradshaw, the son of Maverick’s deceased radar officer “Goose” Bradshaw. The younger Bradshaw, played by Miles Teller, harbors a serious grudge against Maverick who he blames for the death of his father while he was an infant. 

There is also a bigger glimpse of Jennifer Connelly’s character as she offers words of encouragement and could serve as a love interest for Maverick who may need a shoulder to cry on as she accompanies him to the funeral of unidentified pilot. Top Gun: Maverick seems to deliver on its long awaited promise of incredible visuals and deep characters as Tom Cruise returns to one of his most characters on May 27th

Featured Image Credit: Top Gun

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