Top Engagement Ring Mistakes You Should Avoid

The engagement party is around the corner. It’s expected to rock. Your friends will finally know that you are getting engaged. So, making everything thrilling is all you need to make the day memorable. However, simple mistakes can destroy the day. In particular, making mistakes while purchasing your ring can be disappointing. So, get things right. Avoid making the following mistakes if you want to make your engagement party great.

Not Having A Good Budget

Diamond rings can cost a lot of money. Thus, not having an explicit budget can be dangerous. Thus, consider setting up a good engagement ring budget. Have a realistic budget. Of course, this is one of the best days of your life. However, this shouldn’t mean spending every penny you have. Be realistic with the budget you set. Still more, don’t be stingy when spending on the engagement ring. Spend a reasonable amount of money on your diamond engagement ring Northern Virginia.

Rushing Things

Don’t be impulsive in your decision when it comes to making a proposal. Give yourself sufficient time to plan. Remember, you will need to research the best rings. Similarly, you will need to look for money. You need time to make important steps and moves before proposing to your partner. Plus, you need to perform enough research. You must make an important ring shipment decision. Still more, you will have to decide the best style for your ring. So, don’t act in haste. Plan well.

Not Understanding the Diamond Basics

You need to have adequate knowledge as far as diamonds are concerned. That’s why you should have sufficient knowledge of diamonds. You will need to conduct enough research. Plus, take your game beyond the 4Cs. Learn about lab-grown diamonds—which are mostly eco-friendly, reasonably priced, as well as physically identical. We understand that buying a diamond engagement ring is not an easy task, so that’s why it’s better to ask certified jewelers for help.

Picking Any Setting

Numbers are everything when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Thus, not picking the right setting is a mistake. If you aren’t familiar with the settings, ask experts. Also, family and friends can help you get it right when picking the setting for your diamonds. The proper ring setting is an important aspect when selecting a diamond ring. Whether you are choosing a prong or bezel setting, it’s important to choose a setting that suits your needs. This small detail can make a big difference.

Not Comparing Different Brand’s Prices

There are a lot of brands out there. Only focusing on one brand is a mistake. This is because you may end up paying heavily for your gem. Thus, compare different brands. How are different gems priced? Doing this is part of due diligence. So, don’t be lured with graceful smiles. Don’t purchase the first gem you get. Compare prices. Conduct research. Go through the websites of different brands. Get the best deals on the jewelry market. If there are promotions, take advantage of them.

Not Focusing on the Brand’s Value Props

Also known as value proposition, value props are the actual promise of the brand when it comes to value. This can be found in the customer reviews. In most cases, customers will clearly communicate these value props. Avoids companies that don’t put emphasis on full transparency, quality products, and customer service. In the end, you may lose a lot of money. Stick with companies that are willing to disclose everything. The company should also value its customers. Remember, there are several rogue companies out there. Some of these companies are out to just make profits at the expense of customer satisfaction. Stay away from these companies.

Failing to Read Reviews

Customer reviews are everything when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring. They represent the actual feeling of the customers regarding the engagement ring. It offers insights into customer reputation and satisfaction. So, don’t fail to read customer reviews. They will help you spot a good product on the market. So go online and read past customer reviews.

Don’t Dues the Ring Size

Your finger size might not necessarily be the same as that of your partner. Thus, it’s wrong to guess the size when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Choose a size the is right. Never guess. The best way to get the right size is to tip her off. You can also take with you her previous rings to the gem shop and try to get the right size. Some of the best ways of knowing the right size include:

  • Press a ring on a bar shop and take it to the gem shop
  • Enlist her from her friends

Not Informing Friends About the Proposal

Do you love disappointments? Well, if not, fail to inform her friends about your intention to propose to your future helper. Let them be part of the occasion. Catching people by surprise can lead to awkward moments. Plus, informing her friends will only set the right mood and make the proposal even more exciting. So, inform them early. Let them prepare the right song. They can also prepare the right venue. Still more, wearing certain clothes will make everything extremely exciting.

Not Taking an Insurance Cover

Engagement rings can be expensive. They can cost a lot of money. That’s why it’s advisable to take insurance. Insurance will come in when things don’t work out. For instance, losing your gem on the last day can be tricky. Still more, the ring may fail to fit the future bride. Protecting this valuable asset is all you need for peace of mind. There are several insurance companies out there offering these services. Select the right company. Choose a reputable insurance provider. Select the right insurance product. Also, choose a product you can afford. Of course, a cover can cost you some money. However, it’s worth the money. This is because it will give you peace of mind knowing that your engagement ring is safe.

The Bottom-Line

You have waited for this day for thins long. So, why let an engagement ring spoil the day? Avoid making the above mistakes when shopping around for a good engagement ring.

Featured Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash