Top 9 Best Open World Mobile Games

Mobile games and apps are taking a larger and larger part of the everyday life of the average person. Regardless of age, preference, or gender, you can always find entertainment on your tablet or cell phone. The number of games purchased or downloaded for smartphones takes an increasing part of the market, slowly replacing the market of entertainment for computers and consoles. To stay in the trend and keep up with the popular novelties available for mobile, you should take a detailed look at the top online mobile games.

The Most Popular Games for your Phone

Of course, the genre you prefer is still an extremely important criterion when choosing a popular game. Despite the constant development and release of new items, the most popular genres will remain Action, RPG, and Indi. For the most part, these genres have gained today’s popularity thanks to the famous games that have become the benchmark for most creators. Among these world-renowned mobile games, the following ones must be mentioned:

1. Grand Theft Auto V. The most prominent representative of open world survival mobile games, which found its popularity thanks to the acclaimed PC version. Numerous versions and modes made the game one of the most desirable and popular on all gaming platforms.

2. League of Legends. Having replaced the world’s leader by the number of players, this MOBA has become one of the brightest games on the mobile platform. Its popularity and audience interest are further reinforced by the introduction of a cyber sports discipline in 2021

3. Minecraft. The sandbox game from the category of standard indie games is well established, gaining many fans from around the world. The peculiarity of this game on mobile is its accessibility and a huge community of players of all ages.

4. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Standard shooter with Action elements, which has replaced the outdated concept offered by Counter-Strike. PUBG exists in three variations: for computers, mobile and mixed. All three gaming platforms are popular, and cyber sports events on them are gaining an audience as large as CS: GO.

5. The Elder of Scrolls. This game has not yet reached the peak of its popularity, but it should be included in the list. Full-fledged open beta-testing ended only at the end of 2021, but the audience coverage reached almost 10 million people. MMORPG with elements of the action genre and strategy is well known to children of the 90s and 00s thanks to the high-profile computer version.

6. Warhammer 40,000. An MMO strategy game that most people know from its desktop version.

7. FIFA. Despite the much smaller number of fans of the mobile version, compared to the PC and console, it is the undisputed leader in the sports genre.

All of these apps can be tested from any device from a well-known brand. Check out the best phones by country here.  

The genre of card games and slots deserves special attention. In terms of audience coverage and popularity of the genre, there is no equal game of this kind. Counting player statistics is difficult due to the peculiarities of hashing and security protocols, but if we consider online slot review resources, the number of daily requests and visits to thematic sites and applications in 2022 is 73% more than the most popular mobile game.

Card games, slots and online casinos are a separate niche in the category of mobile games and apps. A huge portion of today’s additions to games on mobile platforms and sites fall into the category of free games. Such games have a reduced age censor, and a number of thematic slots and card tables are adapted for children/adolescents.

There are some statistics on the number of game downloads, which explains the growing popularity of certain genres.

Game genre Downloads in 2016/thousands Downloads in 2022/million
Arcades 613 5.4
Action 615 7.1
Simulators 341 4.4
Sports 215 3.2
Strategies 202 2.6
Card 138 7.2
Slots 96 3.1

The calculations were provided by an independent company, in accordance with a tally and analysis of the app market based on real visitors and accounts, without taking into account Google stats, tweaked scores, and low-rated apps.

Gambling on Mobile

For ease of calculating the statistics about popularity, many games and apps that involved real money betting have been combined into a full-fledged online casino. So, the casino genre now largely consists of the following areas:

  • slots;
  • card tables;
  • sports betting;
  • lottery;
  • roulette;
  • bingo;
  • dice and others.

The genre is hugely influenced by the closed or partially closed markets of countries (in most Asian countries) where such applications are legally banned. In fact, it is a huge audience that still uses online casinos, but through PC versions or browser-based sites.

Stylization of Games

It is because of the variety of plots and design, in almost the same mechanics of the games, that the slots remain so popular among completely different people with not similar preferences. In a single application both successful entrepreneurs, big businessmen, political figures and owners of multi-billion holdings can play, along with construction workers, drivers, and salespeople. There is no limit to ethnicity or age. Even young people can find new mobile anime games in the casino genre.

A huge role in the choice of casinos and individual applications is played by the reliability of data safety, security of payments, and anonymity. While other applications put the main goal to provide technical support. This is what makes online casinos so popular across all platforms, from the website to the apps.

Choosing the Best Entertainment Provider

Regardless of preferences in the theme and genre of games for mobile, each person chooses a game that is comfortable and enjoyable to play. When selecting an application for gambling for money, you must be sure to consider a number of parameters:

  • casino registration country;
  • ways to pay and receive your winnings;
  • rating and reviews;
  • availability of favorite games;
  • minimum and maximum bets;
  • popularity among fans of gambling.

Often players choose casinos that are registered and developed in other countries, which gives more opportunities and overall diversity in the gameplay. For example, mobile casino India is gaining particular popularity. Due to the lack of a large number of visitors among the native population of the country, the casinos, which started working online, tried to please the maximum number of people, making a frequent expansion of games available to players.

Choosing Popular Paid and Free Games

It’s not a secret that most of the leaders in app development for mobile devices, create several versions of their product: paid and free. The cost of buying an app can range from $1 to $100 to $200. Free versions are quite popular, but there are a number of features for free apps:

  • you can get a stripped-down version of the game or its demo version;
  • the presence of advertising in the application, which can be intrusive and frequent;
  • the presence of in-game purchases is the norm for free apps;
  • later updates or their absence;
  • less active support service;
  • frequent testing of new products and checking the relevance of fresh solutions before they are introduced in the paid version.

Such features are relevant to most modern games, regardless of platform and developer. In online casinos, the system of paid and free versions differ significantly. Free versions are often used by people who are interested in the direction of gambling, but they do not want to bet for real money. Lack of advertising, the relevance of updates, and frequent additions of fresh slots and card games with a completely new design is an unshakable standard for the paid versions of slots or card games. The only and significant disadvantage of paid applications for the mobile gambling genre is the impossibility to win real money, and 97% of users and regular visitors of online casinos are deprived of this disadvantage.