Top 8 Living Room Design Tips

As a rule, we begin our acquaintance with the house from the living room – the visiting card of any home. That is why its arrangement must be approached with all responsibility so as not to miss a single detail.

Most often, the living room is the most spacious room in the house. But with improper lighting, furniture arrangement and decor, the room can lose its volume and comfort. It is necessary to plan the interior of the living room in advance, taking into account not only external aesthetics, but also high functionality. Indeed, often this room performs several tasks at once, becoming a recreation area, a meeting place for guests, a dining room or a home theater. In any case, it is important not to lose the comfort and unique style of the living room. To do this, there are several design tricks and practical tips:

1. Choose a composition center

Don’t underestimate the power of the compositional center. It is enclosed not only in a wall with a TV or a soft corner. Sometimes it can be an artificial fireplace, a beautiful panel on the wall, an original coffee table or a spectacular indoor plant. Regardless of the purpose of this center, if you have identified it, then try to arrange objects in the room relative to it.

2. Do not push upholstered furniture against the wall

In most Russian apartments, upholstered furniture in the living room is located tightly pressed against the wall. Modern designers, following the Western tradition, are increasingly advocating for a certain distance between the furniture and the wall. This rule works especially well in large houses and apartments. Paradoxically, such a solution will visually add space even in a small room.

3. Create spaces for conversations

Guests and households gather in the living room to chat and share news. And for this purpose, all conveniences must be observed. It is especially good to put two armchairs or comfortable chairs against each other (for example, not far from the window). Furniture should be arranged so that everyone in the room can see and hear each other well, and not twist their necks and backs. If the living room is too large, it is better to create several conversation areas at once.

4. Arrange furniture harmoniously

Measure and balance are important not only in decor, but also in furnishing. First, draw a floor plan of the room on a piece of paper and cut out furniture mini-mockups on cardboard to determine their exact placement, or use online design programs. Even a spacious living room should not be forced too much. Pay attention to design and style – for livingroom better choose hamptons style

Do not group only large or only small items in one area of ​​the room. This will make the space appear uneven. Avoid monotonous forms that look boring and tasteless. For example, if upholstered furniture has rectangular or square shapes, then place a round coffee table in front of it for contrast. Or vice versa.

5. Consider freedom of movement

One of the most important things to consider when organizing furniture in any room is freedom of movement. This is especially important in small spaces. Here the principle applies – better is less, but more functional, i.e. it is better to purchase a minimum of furniture with several functions. For example, a sofa bed, an ottoman table, a secretary cabinet, etc. There should be enough space in the aisles between the furniture for easy movement (at least 50 cm). The coffee table does not need to be placed close to the sofa, leave at least 40 cm between them so that the person can sit comfortably.

6. Use the right size rug

Too small rug in the company with bulky upholstered furniture will spoil the whole picture. The carpet should be chosen according to the size of the room and the design of the furniture. Ideally, when the furniture is located on the edge of the carpet along its line. The legs of those sitting on the sofa should completely touch the carpet surface. Sometimes you can use two carpets of different textures and materials at once. For example, a soft woolen carpet on a bamboo rug looks stylish and contrasting.

7. Stock up on a large coffee table

When it comes to living room tables, it’s better to go big than small. For a room with modest dimensions, folding tables are suitable, the size of which, if necessary, can be increased. A large coffee table in the center of the living room is great both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Not only magazines and a TV remote can be stored on it – it is good as a table for snacks and drinks, and it can also be decorated with flowers or some kind of original accessory. If it is difficult to find a large coffee table for spacious living rooms, then you can use two or three at once. It is important that it is convenient to reach everyone who sits on the couch. The height of the table should be flush with or slightly higher than the seats around it.

8. Consider lighting

Even with an ideal interior, the wrong lighting in the living room can ruin everything. You need to use at least two or three light sources. In addition to the central lamp, it is good to stock up on a floor lamp, sconces or table lamps for that

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash