Top 7 Myths About Numerology: True or False?

It is necessary to realize that numbers do not make any events come true and do not affect tomorrow. Numerology is more of an analysis tool (as well as an ancient and respected science for analyzing human character). There are many myths and superficial judgments about numerology in general, and numerological calculations in particular. The main ones are discussed below.

1. You Can Change Your Name and Your Whole Life

Another thing to understand is that if a person changes their name, they will not necessarily be successful. As stated by, the fake name is known in numerology as a facade and is not crucial. Changing the name only changes the numerical vibration and helps the public perceive a person differently, but it does not really change their lives.

2. The Myth of Old Souls

Another myth is that to become an old soul, you have to be the main number. The numbers 7 and 9, which are lonely spiritual numbers, are also considered old souls. Then there are numbers such as 2 and 4. These are old souls who often come with past life connections. Four is a painful number that works out karma while suffering from health problems. This burden is taken on in this life to balance karma.


3. The Numbers of Karmic Debt

This aspect is also often misunderstood. Many are too obsessed with them. They do not necessarily symbolize what a person is going to experience in life, but rather something that should be avoided or show the misuse of this energy in their previous lives. This is bad energy.

4. False Date Readings

Another thing to look out for is “false testimony.” Sometimes, when people decide on something like an engagement or a wedding date in hopes of attracting good luck, they do not realize that the date they met or started dating is much more crucial.

5. The Numbers Completely Rule the Fate

Giving numbers too much power to affect our destiny is a big mistake. It is crucial to remember that the real value of numerology lies in its ability to analyze a person and see where their talents and shortcomings are. Then you can use your free will to make choices in life. It is definitely not worth attaching too much importance to figures.

6. Money Numbers

Another misconception is that 8 is the luckiest number for wealth. The numbers 5 and 6 are also signs of big money. Fives get them from the wise use of resources, logical and clever investments, and the Six achieve wealth through marriage or lead such a rational, exclusively family life that they simply do not have financial problems.

7. Man Is Limited by Numerology

Another misconception is that people are somehow limited by their numerology chart. It is helpful to do some research to get a complete picture of what a person is capable of in life and who they really are in life. But this does not mean at all that everything is already predetermined and nothing can be changed.

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