Top 5 Tips for Beginners at Online Casinos

It is possible to earn a nice amount of real money at an online casino, but beginners in this business are not always lucky: questions of inexperience get in the way. But these questions are already so familiar that you can easily avoid disappointments on the way to your first jackpot. if, of course, heed the advice of the sharks of excitement. Accordingly, we will take you through the most valuable online casino tips for beginners.

Pick a Fair and Honest Online Casino

When choosing a brand to attach with, newbies usually follow catchy ads and are attracted by the nice design and lavish incentives such as a high deposit bonus. Still, a site can be highly ranked in search engines, but nothing we just said guarantees fairness and honesty as the main thing that differs a fraudster from a reputable site. Actually, this is all that matters when choosing a casino and you can always read reviews of the highest paying online casino brands where such things are implied.

Closely related is the matter of licensing and online betting laws that no casino beginners should ever forget. Both new technologies and the expansion of the Internet caused explosive growth of online casinos leaving too much room for tricksters to attract inexperienced gamers without a proper guide. Next to globally recognized licenses of MGA, UKGC, Pro Indian Casinos and others, remember that the site should distribute all online casino offers through equally reliable and trustworthy banking options. Signs that the sector is “Verified by Visa” or approved by PayPal will help you keep the money safe. Also, it must be the place where only customers of the legal gambling age are allowed to participate.

Study the Rules of Your Favorite Games

After choosing a reliable partner for your online gambling experience, you can start playing, but you also need to approach the issue with full responsibility. For example, when playing roulette, it is more expedient to play a European rather than an American: in the second case, the house edge is more advantageous. And in the French version, by the way, even zero is not a complete loss: the bet is returned to the player when this sector falls out.

There are similar nuances in other classic casino games and in slot machines, of course. So, before starting any round, be sure to study the rules. It is more convenient when they are on the website page, but they can be found in the info tab of the machine.

Many experts recommend playing free games before wagering for cash. Usually, demo versions of games are available to all visitors, and you’ll get enough fun cash to get the ropes. Reputable brands will include them in mobile apps or advertise via social networks, where it is recently possible to try many new titles when you download casinos’ apps.

We also suggest you watch high-roller-hosted YouTube reviews and streams where seasoned gamers gladly share their expertise allowing newbies to discover all the intricacies of the game. This way, you can learn how to win games in a casino without paying for the lesson.

Select the Most Suitable Slot Machine

Let’s be honest – beginner’s guide with a desire to play slots rather than starting a career at the poker table or by playing table games of blackjack or baccarat. Today, with so many options to play online casino games in this niche, one can easily get confused. We suggest you take a closer look at the following perks so that this will prevent you from making costly mistakes.

  • Brand – Top-notch providers value their brand highly and under no circumstances will offer a low-quality title.
  • Return to the player percentage (RTP) – When two titles are in your narrow selection, try your luck with the one that comes with a higher RTP factor as it will return your investment in a faster fashion. On the other hand, this is not a figure to stick to blindly, since this is a game of chance, and no one can guarantee the profit even with the lowest house edge.
  • Jackpot – There are two types of jackpots – static and progressive. The first-mentioned is shaped like the main prize you’ll get for, let’s say, five high-rated symbols on an active payline. The latter is organized as a shared pool made of contributions of all active players and can be scored as a random event at any point of the game. Related to the RTP, progressives always favor persistent and rollers with a more durable wallet paying less frequently than non-jackpot titles.
  • Betting combinations – For a newbie, it is important to have a slot game that allows a variety of betting options that will correctly combine the moment of pleasure with the moment of gain. With the same bankroll, you can wager for a long time and little by little, or make several bets, but high. The first option is good for playing casino games with a small maximum prize, the second is the other way around.
  • Bonuses – After claiming a welcome package offered by your chosen casino, it would be great to choose a slot game with built-in reel modifiers such as Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers, Free Spins, and more.

Tips for Online Casinos

Leave Before Things Get Hotter

Gambling is often intimidated as a thing that can cause unhealthy addiction. But with the players who know how to maintain sobriety of thought even in moments of emotional outburst, there are no fatal losses. A healthy approach to gambling is the perception of the game as purely entertainment, not a way to make money.

It is worth allocating only free money for bets and playing for pleasure, without going beyond the limits independently determined in a calm state. When hitting a jackpot, it is better to postpone, no matter how tempted to get more: such euphoria is very risky.

Experiment a Bit

Gambling is unpredictable, and therefore it makes no sense to follow the same pattern in this matter. The more different slot machines and betting strategies a beginner tries to play, the faster he learns and gets his first victories. Jackpot games, no jackpot slots, big bets, and small bets, long play or fast play – each of these pairs have a lot of sweet spots leading to success. And you can only know it in practice.

Finally, there are no tips for beginners that will minimize the role of regulatory bodies. Having a proper casino gaming license is an absolute must no matter if the issuer is located in Malta, UK, Curacao, or Gibraltar.


Your main task would be to critically evaluate already reliable reviews and check if they contain something to avoid such as too laudatory words or pathetic syllables. When combined with less specificity than expected from a proper review, it’s better to close the tab and go to another place. Also, sites with exceptionally good reviews should be monitored too. We can’t simply erase the existence of dissatisfied gamers, but some brands actually do that in the virtual world leaving sections for comments and reviews without them.

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