Top 5 Things To Do When Preparing For Life With A Newborn

When the first joy of sensations after the news of pregnancy subsides, a practical question arises: how to prepare for the birth of a child?

Take care of a place for sleeping

During the first months of life, the main “occupation” of a child is sleeping, therefore, special attention should be paid to the proper organization of the bed:

  • when choosing a bed, you can give preference to furniture made of any material, but it must be certified for use in living and sleeping areas
  • the surface of the sides must be smooth and uniform. Do not forget to clean it regularly and the material from which the crib is made must be resistant to frequent sanitization
  • the mattress should be chosen of medium hardness and always with a removable cover that can be washed and cleaned
  • the pillow isn’t the mandatory bedding for a baby, so at first, it will be enough to fold several times a diaper placed under the head
  • regardless of the time of year when the birth is expected, you should prepare two blankets which will be used during walks and at home. They must be made of hypoallergenic materials and be washable.

Newborn first aid kit

All medications that may be needed in case of fever, runny nose, and other symptoms will be prescribed by a doctor. However, parents should prepare in advance and collect a special first-aid kit for children, which will be stored separately. It is necessary to equip it with the following preparations and materials:

  • diaper rash cream,
  • baby talc,
  • sterile gauze pads,
  • sterile and non-sterile cotton wool,
  • thermometers for body and water,
  • breast pump

Buy clothes beforehand

Buying clothes for a newborn is perhaps the most exciting part of preparing for the birth of a baby. Still, don’t forget about the following features of the clothes for an infant:

  • all clothing in direct contact with the baby’s skin must be made of cotton fabric. The second layer of clothing can be made of fleece, wool, linen, and other materials
  • preference should be given to clothes made from fabrics that have undergone minimal decorative processing because too bright or unnatural colors may indicate the presence of dyes that can cause allergic reactions
  • seams on clothes should be processed very carefully and without creases, thickenings, rough scars because the kid’s skin is very delicate and sensitive
  • for the little ones, it is better to choose T-shirts, and sweaters with a fastener on the shoulders

Pay attention to the baby’s diet in advance

If a child is breastfed, then the mother’s milk is enough. However, it is impossible to foresee the quantity and quality of breast milk and whether it will be enough for the baby. In addition,  there could be a variety of reasons to completely stop breastfeeding so you should buy a minimum set of accessories:

  • bottles made of glass or special plastic
  • a special steam sterilizer
  • utensils for preparing food
  • baby formula

Don’t forget about hygiene utensils

You’ll need to devote a lot of time to the hygiene of an infant. To do so, there is a list of needed stuff to buy:

  • plastic bathtub
  • baby wet and dry sanitary napkins
  • cotton swabs and disks
  • nail scissors with rounded edges
  • baby soap
  • soft sponge

Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

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