Top 5 Places to Visit for a EuroMiliony Winner from Slovakia

Traveling is a hobby that you can only enjoy best when you have money. Slovakia has some of the best places to visit for a EuroMiliony winner. When you become a winner, you shouldn’t be stressed about the places to visit. We will cover some of the best places for you to pick.

Amazing destinations in Slovakia

The millions that you win in EuroMiliony could get you to any place on earth. But we will explore the top 5 places in Slovakia that should be among your first destinations.

  1. High Tatras

If you are looking for tranquility in Europe, this alpine mountain should be your destination. It is small yet big enough to give you the best panorama views and majestic sceneries. Here, you will find time to unwind as you watch the unique plants, waterfalls, rare animals, peaks touching the sky, etc.

There are also great hiking trails here where you can walk and interact with nature. With your money won from EuroMiliony, you can spend some time at the expensive ski resorts here.

  1. Castles

Slovakia has some beautiful castles that you can visit. The castle ruins, also known as 120 castles are the epitome of this beauty. They are known for their atmosphere and legends drawn from them. There are many other castles that you can visit. When you have the money, you just need to schedule a visit to all of them.

  1. Slovak Paradise

You also don’t want to miss out on this secret gem in Slovakia. This national park is full of forests, canyons, meadows, waterfalls, and underground caves. There are lots of exciting activities including hiking. The kind of experience that visitors get here is exciting.

  1. Caves of Slovakia

You can also explore the magical experience in the underground. These caves have cleaner air, low temperatures, and a magical atmosphere. Just pick any of the 6200 caves in Slovakia. The top ones include Ochtinska Aragonitova Cave, Dobisinska Ice Cave, and Demanovska Ice Cave.

  1. Thermal Spa

Thermal and mineral water is a heritage in Slovakia. You can visit these spas to experience the healing properties of water. With money, you don’t have to go to the free thermal springs; you can pay.

Can you visit all these places?

Yes, you can visit these plus many other places if you become a millionaire. It is no longer hard to become a millionaire. You just need to buy your lottery ticket and check the latest EuroMiliony vysledky and winning numbers to see if you are a winner. You will be surprised at how easy it is to win here.

What is the cost of visiting these places?

Most of these places are not expensive. However, you will need a lot of money if you are looking for the best experiences here. It is possible to get an entry to the High Tatras, but you certainly need a lot of money to hang out in the ski resorts.

Therefore, you should start playing EuroMiliony today if you want to become rich and visit all these places.


Image Credit: Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash