Top 5 Movies to Watch in a Relationship

Movies are great when you’re feeling depressed, excited, or just bored; what better way to spend time with someone special than as a couple in front of the TV (and they can sew while it’s on). These movies have been voted as the top five from personal experience. Hopefully, when you’re alone one day, you can watch a couple of these with that special someone.

The Breakfast Club

Who doesn’t love John Hughes? His movies are timeless and have a message that rings true through the ages. The Breakfast Club is one of them. This is a nice, heartwarming movie that shows how we can make mistakes, but at the end of the day, we’re all just people. We all make mistakes, but in the end, it’s no different than anyone else, and that we’re not so different after all (especially with today’s generation).

The Notebook

Another one of John Hughes’ timeless classics is The Notebook. This is a romance movie with a touch of psychological thriller that can be watched alone or with your partner. It’s also a great way to break the ice when you get to know someone new, who may possibly be your future partner. It’s also romantic but has a deeper meaning as well (“The Notebook” represents “love” and “the book” represents marriage).

The Wedding Singer

This is a funny movie about a man looking for love in all the wrong places. Played by Adam Sandler, Robbie Hart is trying to find love but with the wrong people. This movie has many great quotable lines as well as some hilarious scenes. I would say it’s like a comedy/romance hybrid. It’s something that can be watched solo or with your partner and will lead to endless conversations (and probably funny ones).

The Parent Trap

A timeless classic that can be watched over and over again (this movie has been remade multiple times). It’s about two twin sisters who get separated at a young age, only to be reunited at an older age. This movie is mainly about love, but it also talks about family as well. It’s a nice, old-fashioned, feel-good movie that would be great to watch with someone special.

The War of the Roses

This movie is about two married people who hate each other, and it shows how far two people can fall apart. It’s a drama/comedy and has some rather dark moments in it, but it will really make you think about the state of marriage. If you’re single, this movie will be good to watch alone or with someone, but if you’re married, this could spawn some interesting discussions between you and your partner.

These movies have been voted as the top five from personal experience. Hopefully, when you’re alone one day, you can watch a couple of these with that special someone. These five movies are sure to inspire conversation as well as bring you and your partner together. 

Movies that can strengthen your relationship

You might know that it’s important to spend time together no matter what, but if you want your relationship to last, you deserve a little bit of quality time. You won’t find many movies that are perfect for strengthening a relationship, but here are five movies made specifically to bring your bond closer and spice up your love life. If a film can’t do that, then it’s not exactly made to work with the most important thing in the world.

But certainly, so far, too many films are made just to make money, and they don’t think too hard about what they do. It is important how movies reflect on our sense of reality, and that is not always the case when they reflect on love. If you’ve already played all of these films, go watch them again and see what your bond can gain from them.


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