Top 5 Most Reckless College Activities

Being a student, you spend hours poring over the textbooks. Expectations of modern professors might be really demanding and unrealistic. The good news is that you can buy an essay written by a professional author and save time for sleep and hobbies. A good online assignment writing service is a friend who is always there to support you. But what if it is not enough to relieve all the stress? College life is full of challenges, and sometimes you need something extra to overcome them. For example, to spend time recklessly, with fun, and without considering consequences too much.

Reckless College Activities

1. Throw a themed party

At first sight, parties look like a typical picture of Friday or Saturday night in college. Students just need some reckless time after an exhausting week. But what about mixing things up a bit? If you feel you need more, it is time to organize a themed event, just like in your favorite movies about college life.

Here are some lit ideas that you can use:

  • Graffiti party. Make sure that you have enough colored markers and white T-shirts. Even if you usually lack inspiration when writing an essay, we can bet that you’ll go crazy as soon as the marker will fall into your hands.
  • Caribbean night. Forget about beer and wine evenings, they are too basic. Better get dolled up for the exciting Caribbean party with rum and tropical drinks. Don’t forget about pineapples, paper umbrellas, and, of course, a lei.
  • Apocalypsis evening. What would you do if you woke up in a world that is about to end? No doubts, party! You won’t recognize other students dripping with blood (please, fake) and all done up in dark eyeshadow.

There are no limitations as long as you want to have a great time with your friends. Host a throwback party, a back-to-school night, or a beer Olympics event, and just chill out.

2. Take a solo road trip

If you have a couple of free weeks and a car, you’d never find a better reckless activity than a road trip. It is a perfect chance to:

  • break up your regular routine;
  • explore new places;
  • experiment with different one-time jobs;
  • try an independent lifestyle.

It will be also interesting to start this trip with some friends who are always up for anything but the solo experience is quite different. It doesn’t limit you on departure times and locations, you can set your own pace, and learn self-reliance. Such a journey is an incredible chance to learn a lot about yourself and to organize all of your inner dialogues. If it is your first time traveling solo, you can choose the nearest locations so that you’re not far away from home. Or go all in, and unforgettable memories are guaranteed.

Reckless College Activities

3. Destroy everything. Literally

Anger rooms where you can break stuff without having to feel bad about it, are extremely popular these days. People need places where they can come to smash things to pieces without thinking about the consequences. The point is that you can grab a weapon of choice and let loose. Such destructive behavior can help you to relieve the stress and let the negative emotions go. Once you splash your feelings out in the right place, you’ll surely feel a little lighter.

College life is not a piece of cake these days, and there are surely other sources of stress as well that don’t let you focus on your studies, work, relationships, etc. Reckless activities like this one clear your mind and help you slow down.

4.Join the sorority or fraternity

Sororities (for girls) and fraternities (for boys) are great sources of reckless activities and exciting games. They usually welcome new members to help them settle in with the new community and create a relationship with the people that they will study together with. Use these ideas to organize the next event:

  • Ice Skating;
  • Casino Night;
  • Board Game Night;
  • Crazy Bowling;
  • Carnival Night;
  • Girls/Boys Night.

Fraternities and sororities are used to be closed social clubs that inspire students to engage in college activities and extracurricular events that are supposed to teach some essential skills and values. Being a part of this organization, you gain new friends and develop your networking community. However, in order to join it, you have to undergo an initiation which can be called a pretty reckless activity. To prove their dedication, students have to “”survive” a mysterious ceremony with candlelight, blindfold, robes and chanting. Different colleges and communities have their own traditions textbooks.

5. Check your college’s weird traditions

All colleges have quirk traditions. Even if you think that you’re studying in a reputable educational institution, it surely has some dirty little secrets. We did a little research to find the most interesting examples for you:

  • When your sports team wins the contest, celebrate it by toilet-papering just everything around you;
  • Ask your deans to serve breakfast to students during finals week;
  • Celebrate “Dr. Pepper Hour” with free soda for students;
  • Stick your head out of your dorm window for a heartfelt primal scream on the night before finals start;
  • Dress in a skeleton figure and wander the campus;
  • Run naked from your campus down the street to a landmark, e.g. monument, statue, etc.;
  • Host the Krispy Kreme Challenge.

Even if you find out that other students and your professors know nothing about weird traditions in your college, don’t give up. Your generation of students can change the situation. Such activities involve much more than just attending classes and cramming.

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