Top 5 Cheap Butterfly Knife Skins

While you could get a skin for your CS:GO butterfly knife from a case drop, this is not the most reliable option. First, there is no guarantee you will get the skin you like. Secondly, a marketplace like DMarket lets you get your ideal skin quickly, conveniently, and securely. If you are looking for the cheapest options in 2021, here are the top five. All of them are included in the Operation Breakout Weapon Case.

1. Butterfly Knife Urban Masked — Well-Worn

This skin is one of the most straightforward butterfly knife skins, and it is ideal for minimalists. You do not have to make your knife look fancy to spice up the combat. This is a relatively attractive option for players on a tight budget, as you may get it for around $265. You cannot deny that it looks unique with its silver blade, shades of gray, and a pattern applied using masking tape. As the float value rises to the maximum, most of the paint peels off.

2. Forest DDPAT — Field-Tested

This skin will set you back around $260 in its Field-Tested condition on DMarket. The design is based on the camouflage pattern, with the typical color scheme including beige, green, brown, and khaki. The brown handle and dark green inserts complement the look. The pattern index affects the texture.

Butterfly Knife Skins 

3. Crimson Web — Battle-Scarred 

A cheap knife skin does not have to be limited to shades of gray, green, or black. The skin from the same case is outstanding. If you love red blades or peculiar skin inspect animations, this product will not let you down. In its Battle-Scarred condition, it costs under $420 (note that most of the paint on the blade is peeled off at this point). 

Butterfly Knife Skins

4. Butterfly Knife Safari Mesh — Field-Tested

This skin may not be the most aesthetically appealing, but it is also not the worst. Besides, the price tag is attractive, while you can still get an impressive inspect and draw animation. If you are just looking for a knife and do not have a preference for a specific color, or perhaps want to spend as little money as possible, this is a decent choice. Even in the Field-Tested condition, it costs around $260 on third-party sites.

Butterfly Knife Skins

5. Scorched — Field-Tested

Finally, the Operation Breakout Weapon Case includes this black and beige skin that has a pattern resembling camouflage. The design is quite simple. This is one of the most affordable options for any knife in CS:GO. The Field-Tested condition costs just over $240 on independent exchanges. 

Where to Buy

While you could get these items on Steam, the official marketplace does not offer the most competitive prices, and it is a closed environment without withdrawals. Sellers and buyers are increasingly attracted to third-party sites like DMarket. This secure exchange has seen over 10 million completed deals so far, and it offers over 1 million skins with secure and quick transactions.


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