Top 3 Virtual Data Room Software for Windows

Currently, companies and startups have come across the necessity of optimizing and stabilizing routine operations, which can be coordinated with the help of modern virtual data rooms. The best of them allow not only to safely store and exchange data but also to solve problems of automating work with documents of enterprises of various sizes and fields of activity, including the remote ones. Top-class online data room software provides:

  • organization of the entire document flow within the company;
  • management of archived documents and folders;
  • automation of office work (registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence, scanning documents, and bringing them to the executors in electronic form);
  • control of performing various tasks with data room services;
  • negotiation of contracts;
  • coordination and control over the execution of organizational and administrative documents;
  • processing and storage of documentation;
  • effective interaction with investors and much more

In addition, a feature of the best data rooms is the possibility of seamless integration with those operating systems with which the company is already working, the most common of which is Windows. There are many virtual data rooms on the market today, and to make it easier for Windows-based companies to choose, we have compiled a Top 3 selection of these solutions!

#1 Integrate Your Windows OS With iDeals Solutions!

iDeals is a leading service provider. This online data room software occupies a top position since it provides a secure dynamic IT space designed to store and study documents necessary for the full-fledged work of any company. Moreover, iDeals perfectly synchronizes with any operating system, including Windows. Among the many advantages of iDeals, the main ones are:

  • Fast and intuitive installation;
  • ISO 27001 and SOC2 certificates;
  • Full customization for each company’s requirements;
  • Multi-language software (11 languages);
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • File drag-n-drop;
  • Best security measures.

You can choose a set of data room services yourself with qualified support from a specialist and, depending on this, select a tariff: Pro, Business, Enterprise. All information is stored here in a structured form, so all participants receive the most comfortable conditions for effective, regular, and fruitful work. Working here, you save significant money and time. It should be noted that at all stages of working with documents, the process of the acquaintance of your company members with documents is wholly protected. Moreover, an authorized person can only access the data that the system administrator has determined for him and no other. It allows the virtual data room administrator to track all the user’s actions while working with documents and make adjustments as necessary.

#2 Idgard: Trust the High German Quality Standards!

Idgard also deservedly takes place in our Top. This software reliably protects users’ confidential documents with unique software solutions from hacking, viewing, viruses, and accidental destruction, allowing Idgard customers to feel completely safe. Documents stored in this electronic data room are often in PDF format. So, documents are quickly retrieved, easily read, copied to the user’s media, or, conversely, denied access to those who are denied access. Thus, each visitor to Idgard can only access within the limits of his authority. In this case, the administration can allow the user to access documents but prohibit him from specific actions with them. At the same time, company managers can conduct their analysis of the situation and create new documents that shed light on the nature of the available data on the object of the transaction. Idgard has the following advantages:

  • The data room services prevent the loss of user data through automatic backup;
  • Ability to sort documents and folders in order of relevance;
  • Insurance against hosting problems, developer errors, and third-party services;
  • Cybersecurity for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS systems;
  • Improved end-user productivity, data access, and protection with a multi-factor authentication system;
  • Archiving of personal or corporate mail;
  • File integrity control;
  • Check for viruses and redirects;
  • SMS and Email notifications.

Idgard has received the most incredible popularity among legal services and consulting companies. It is apparent, as Idgard data room software is ideal for lawyers precisely for detailed work with documents.

#3 Vitrium Security – Turnkey Virtual Workspace Solution Compatible With Windows

Vitrium Security virtual data room offers tools for organizing work with electronic documents. Companies often use this software to speed up work with documents and save money. Vitrium Security for the company is optimizing business processes related to internal and external documentation. So, for example, law firms choose Vitrium Security data room software to get away from filling out paper documents and free up time for other tasks. Vitrium Security benefits include:

  • Reducing the cost of printing and purchasing paper;
  • Transparency of work of employees;
  • System mobility;
  • Feedback;
  • Minimal risk of file loss or corruption;
  • Ability to change documents and access their history;
  • Automate the search for the necessary files;
  • Availability of ready-made templates;
  • Automatic classification of documents according to different criteria.

With Vitrium Security, stacks of papers, cabinets filled with folders, labyrinth archives will become a thing of the past. All letters, files, acts, agreements, and contracts will be stored in an e-library that is constantly available from any device. The search will take a couple of seconds: you need to select the necessary parameters, and a single database will eliminate the duplication of documents. Moreover, in the Vitrium Security electronic data room, you can immediately study the received contract or agreement, make changes, and sign. The time saved can be spent on other tasks.

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