Top 3 Ontario Casino Sites 2023: A Comprehensive Guide on the Best Online Casino Sites in Ontario

Social and sweepstakes casinos are perfectly legal in Ontario and the rest of Canada, with the exception of Quebec. Ontario residents can access hundreds of Canadian and international sweepstakes casinos. These casinos share many similarities, but also differ in crucial aspects that can affect your overall playing experience. To this end, you should always try to play at the best online casinos in Ontario.

This comprehensive sweepstakes casino guide reviews the top online casinos in Ontario, including Stake.US, WOW Vegas, and Golden Hearts Games. You will also learn about the factors to consider when choosing the best social and sweepstakes casinos.

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Top Online Casinos Ontario

Here is a list of the three best online casinos On offers and their best features:

Comparing the Best Online Casinos in Ontario

Site:Best For:Casino Games:
Stake.USExciting casino games300+ casino games,
Wow VegasMobile-responsive website300+ casino games
Golden Hearts GamesWell balanced game selectionHundreds of casino games

Win Money Playing at Ontario Online Casinos

Social and sweepstakes casinos are especially popular for their free games. However, these casinos also offer premium games that can win you real prizes that you can redeem for cash (fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies), gift cards, and diverse merchandise. The process can be confusing if you are new, but it becomes easy once you understand how the currency system works.

How Does the Currency System Work?

A sweepstakes or social casino’s currency system is designed to circumvent the direct use of real money. It comprises three currency types: Gold Coins, Sweeps Coins, and cash prizes (including real cash, cryptocurrency, gift cards, and merchandise). In a nutshell, gamers play using the Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins and then redeem their winnings via cash prizes.

How Does the Coin System Work?

Social and sweepstakes casinos accept two types of coins: Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. On the one hand, Gold Coins work for free casino games that you can only play for fun. On the other hand, Sweeps Coins work for premium games and are redeemable for cash prizes; you can redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash, gift cards, cryptocurrency, and merchandise.

Most social and sweepstakes casinos regularly give away free Gold Coins for free gaming. However, you can purchase Gold Coins packages if your free coins run out.

Sweeps Coins are not purchasable. Instead, you can get free Sweeps Coins whenever you purchase a new Gold Coins package or through competitions and giveaway offers.

How to Play Without Purchasing Coins

The best social and sweepstakes online casinos in Ontario offer free Gold Coins daily. However, the amount of coins is usually small and limited.

Fortunately, you don’t need to purchase more Gold Coins packages when you deplete the free ones. Instead, you can get more free Gold Coins by claiming giveaway offers – for example, new players can claim free Gold Coins from the casino’s registration and welcome giveaway offers. You can also win free Gold Coins by participating in tournaments and other competitions.

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How to Get Free Sweeps Coins

Besides purchasing Gold Coins packages, you can also get free Sweeps Coins through the following ways:

  • Claiming giveaway offers.
  • Unlocking new milestones on specific games or your overall player record.
  • Participating in tournaments and other competitions.

You also get more Sweeps Coins every time you win a premium casino game. Overall, free Sweeps Coins aren’t as common as Gold Coins, so always be on the lookout for free offers.

Best Online Casinos in Ontario: Quick Overviews

The best online casinos in Ontario include Stake.US, Wow Vegas, and Golden Hearts Games. These casinos share many similarities, but they also feature unique differences that make them exceptional. Here are brief reviews of these sweeps casinos’ best features, including their game selections and redeemable prizes.

The Best Sweepstakes Casino: Stake.US

Stake.US is one of the best online casinos in Ontario and beyond. Its vast game selection is one of its best features; you can enjoy more than 300 casino games from leading gaming software providers. The available games categories include the following:

  • Slot Machines
  • Jackpot Slots
  • Table Games like blackjack, baccarat and roulette
  • Virtual Games
  • Live Casino including game shows

Live dealer games include diverse versions of table and card games, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. The casino also has 16 original games unique only to the platform. It also regularly adds new slot titles to its game selection.

The casino runs on a smooth and sleek website that makes for an enjoyable playing experience. The website features a simple layout, search bar, and navigation bar, making finding games easy and quick. It is also mobile-responsive and is compatible with most mobile browsers on Android and iOS devices, a convenient feature for playing on the go.

Stake.US supports free and premium casino games. You need Stake Cash to play the premium games, and you can redeem it for various cash prizes, including popular cryptocurrencies.

  • Hundreds of exciting, top-quality casino games
  • Mobile-responsive website for playing on the go
  • User-intuitive website for an enjoyable gaming experience
  • Redeemable prizes

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Wow Vegas

Wow Vegas aims to bring the Las Vegas experience to your fingertips with its exciting games and premium playing features. One of its best features is its daily GC giveaways, which you can use to play as many free games as you want. You can also get Sweeps Coins to play premium games for redeemable cash prizes. The prize redemption process is quick and easy, and you can use various convenient purchase methods.

This casino is also popular for its exciting casino games. You can enjoy more than 300 casino games, including hundreds of slot machines and diverse versions of table and card games. The table and card games also include live dealer games moderated by professional dealers. The casino also regularly adds to its collection of slot games.

Overall, playing at Wow Casino is enjoyable and easy. The website features a neat and intuitive user interface, providing easy access to all games and other features. The website is also secure and has a strict data privacy policy; enthusiastic players can also utilize various responsible gambling features.

  • Hundreds of fun casino games across all categories
  • A mobile-responsive website that is compatible with most mobile devices
  • Free casino games and premium games with redeemable prizes
  • Responsible gaming features

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Golden Hearts Games

Golden Hearts Games is appropriately named so, considering its philanthropy. Unlike most other social and sweeps casinos, it dedicates many of its purchases and revenues to thousands of local and international charities. These charities support diverse causes, all aimed at making the world a better place. You, too, contribute to these charities every time you purchase Gold Coins packages.

In addition to helping make the world a better place, Golden Hearts Games also offers a fun gaming experience. You can play hundreds of casino games, including slot games, specialties, table games, and card games. The casino sources its games from the leading gaming software providers, ensuring all of the games are flawless and feature crystal-clear graphics. It is also worth noting that the casino’s desktop website is mobile-responsive and compatible with most mobile browsers.

Overall, redeemable prizes are one of this casino’s best features. Besides free games, players can also play premium games using Payable Coins. The prizes are redeemable for cash prizes, making for a rewarding gaming experience.

  • Gives donations to hundreds of charities and NGOs
  • Hundreds of exciting, top-quality casino games
  • Mobile-responsive website for playing on the go
  • Redeemable prizes

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How to Choose New Sweeps Casinos

Choosing a new sweeps casino that satisfies your unique preferences can be daunting, considering all the available options and determining factors. However, you can identify the best online casinos in Ontario by evaluating the following features:

Game Selection

Ideally, a sweeps casino should offer all of your favorite casino games and more. It should also offer diverse game types across all categories, including table games, slot machines, card games, and specialties. Overall, a sweeps casino with more games is always preferable to one with a limited game selection. Casino games also differ in quality, so check each casino’s gaming software providers or sample some of their free games.

Free Coins

Does the sweeps casino offer free Gold Coins, or will you need to purchase some every time you want to play? You can save some money and play more by claiming free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. To this end, sweeps casinos with free coins offers and giveaways are always recommendable. Fortunately, most sweeps online casinos in Ontario offer daily free coins and other giveaway offers.

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Cash Prizes

Some social casinos only offer free games. Additionally, while many sweeps casinos offer premium games with redeemable prizes, the prizes vary in type and value. So, what or how much do you hope to win from playing at a sweeps casino? You should check to see whether the casino offers redeemable prizes and calculate their values.

Mobile App

Mobile gaming is convenient because you can play on the go, whenever and wherever you feel like playing. Playing on mobile requires dedicated mobile apps, so check whether your casino has one; the app should be compatible with your iOS or Android device. Alternatively, check whether the casino’s website is mobile-responsive if dedicated apps are not available.

Factors to Consider in a Sweepstakes Casino Site

Finding the best online casinos in Ontario entails evaluating virtually everything a casino offers. Here is an overview of eight important features and factors to consider in your evaluations:

Security & Privacy

Is your private information and data safe with the social casino? Sweeps casinos collect their players’ basic contact and ID information, so your privacy concerns are justified. As such, check for cybersecurity solutions such as data encryption and privacy policies when evaluating the site’s security. Fortunately, all of the best online casinos in Ontario have strict data privacy policies.

User Experience

Playing at a social or sweeps casino should be fun and easy. This requires an intuitive website with a neat user interface, fast loading speeds, search bars, navigation bars, and other premium web design features.

Mobile Gaming

Most players prefer using their mobile devices because they are easily portable. They can play whenever and wherever they want, which is convenient. However, this necessitates either a dedicated mobile app or a mobile website. Dedicated apps are preferable to mobile websites, but not all sweeps casinos have one. However, most mobile websites are designed to feel just like mobile apps. The top online casinos in Ontario have mobile-responsive websites, and some have dedicated iOS and Android apps.

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Customer Support

Most social and sweeps casinos are free to use. However, a resourceful customer support agent is always handy whenever you need a query answered or a problem solved. As such, check to see whether the casino offers customer support and how you can reach them; some communication methods are faster than others. You can also check for user guides and FAQs pages.

Purchase Methods

Purchase methods are essential for two crucial functions: purchasing Gold Coins packages and redeeming your cash prizes. Different sweeps casinos accept diverse purchase methods, including credit cards, online wallets, and cryptocurrency wallets. Check whether the casino supports your preferred purchase methods. Other factors to consider include purchase processing times and fees.

Prize Redemption

Playing free casino games is fun. However, playing premium games for redeemable prizes is rewarding. Check to see whether the casino offers cash prizes, the types of prizes, and their worth. You should also review the casino’s prize redemption process, including the purchase methods and processing times.

Game Selection

Some sweeps casinos offer more games than others. Additionally, some specialize in specific gaming categories, such as slot machines and table games.

Ideally, the casino should have a large game selection with games balanced across all categories, including the following:

  • Slot machines
  • Table games
  • Card games
  • Specialties

The games should also load quickly and feature clear graphics; check to see the casino’s gaming software providers. Some casinos also provide exclusive in-house games that you will not find elsewhere.

Terms & Conditions

You must agree to a social or sweeps casino’s terms and conditions when signing up. Some terms and conditions can be restrictive, while others can be fair and player-friendly. Unfortunately, most players don’t bother reading the terms and conditions, which are legally binding. As such, it is prudent to at least scan the terms and conditions during the registration process.


Stake.US, Wow Vegas, and Golden Hearts Games are the best online casinos in Ontario. These social and sweepstakes casinos offer hundreds of free and premium casino games. They also offer redeemable cash prizes on premium casino games. Each casino has something unique to offer, so consider their features when making your decision. This guide can also help you find other impressive social and sweeps online casinos in Canada.

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Are social and sweeps casinos legal in Ontario?

Social and sweeps casinos are 100% legal in Ontario. Most of these casinos are also secure and have strict fair gaming policies. However, some social casinos are suspicious and untrustworthy, hence the need for thorough evaluations when choosing one.  

What games can I play at a social or sweeps casino?

You can play diverse casino games at a social or sweepstakes casino, albeit game selections vary from one site to another. Popular gaming categories include slot machines, table games, card games, and specialties. Some sweeps casinos also offer live dealer table games.

Can I win cash prizes playing at a social or sweeps casino?

Yes, while social casinos are popular for free casino games, sweeps casinos offer premium games with redeemable prizes. Cash prizes include gift cards, merchandise, cryptocurrency, and fiat currencies. You can get cash prizes by redeeming your Sweeps Coins.

How can I redeem my cash prizes?

You can redeem cash prizes by converting your Sweeps Coins for gift cards, merchandise, cryptocurrency, or fiat currencies. Fiat currency and cryptocurrency prizes are redeemable via diverse purchase methods, such as credit cards, online wallets, and cryptocurrency wallets.

How can I get more Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins?

You can get more Gold Coins by purchasing new GC packages; GC packages also come with free Sweeps Coins. Alternatively, you can claim free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins via coin giveaways or by unlocking new achievements when you win casino games, tournaments, and other competitions.