Top 3 Best Places In Europe For Digital Nomads

The concept of nomad life and digital nomads has been present for quite some time now. People used to travel and hunt in small tribes, which was the sole essence of nomad life in the past. In our modern times, digital nomads and remote workers, which is the version of nomad life today, represent a group of people who live and work from different locations in the world they find most suitable.  

In line with that constant traveling and changing cities, digital nomads often look for the best possible destinations to work while remaining cautious about their budget. By Digital Nomads Magazine has ranked Lisbon as the best city for digital nomads in 2022, and in their text, you can find out why. Besides Lisbon, we’ve found three other cities in Europe ideal for remote work and digital nomads.

We’ve based our list on close examination of different European cities, considering their climate, cuisine, architecture, nightlife, and frequency of establishments where a digital nomad can work during the day. Read below to find your most suitable pick where you can complete your work while enjoying what different cultures from those cities have to offer.  

The top three European cities for digital nomads

Here are our top three picks for destinations in Europe suitable for digital nomads:  

1. Budapest, a budget-friendly destination

Budapest is a blend of two cities that are both divided and united with the glorious Danube river. Suppose you’re wondering why Budapest is our number one pick for digital nomads. In that case, you should know that Budapest can offer you the most unique and personalized experience of modern and historical combined in one (just like the city itself is a blend of two separate entities). 

As a digital nomad, you surely have limited funds, which is why Budapest is an ideal budget-friendly option. Namely, Hungary doesn’t have Euro currency, like the rest of Europe, but their separate currency makes Hungary an ideal destination for digital nomads.   

2. Prague, the “gem” of Central Europe 

There’s a reason Prague is usually referred to as the “gem” of Central Europe. Namely, suppose you decide to choose Prague as your destination for a digital nomad stay; you’ll find it highly convenient to explore all the farmers’ markets and food festivals. There, you can try out savory dishes like dumplings and different meat specials for affordable prices. 

Additionally, you’ll immensely enjoy exploring all the little local neighborhoods of Prague, where you can find numerous pubs, restaurants, bars, and other establishments where you can work while enjoying the “beery” Czech spirit. We say “beery” because Prague is famous for its brewed beer, especially the Pilsner Urquell. 

Another benefit of Prague that should make you choose it as your digital nomad location is that the city is outdoorsy, and you can work from parks covered with Wi-Fi and other outdoor locations with internet availability.    

3. Krakow, the cold but friendly city 

We’ve chosen Krakow as our number three, making it no less perfect than the two cities mentioned above. Indeed, Krakow can have very low temperatures during the winter, but one thing is sure for Krakow – you’ll never feel alone there. 

The first thing you’ll notice in Krakow if you choose it as your digital nomad city is that all people are extremely friendly and welcoming, which means you can always find all the help you need for getting around. Moreover, Krakow has numerous pubs and cafes where you can work and a vivid nightlife as it’s a university center, full of students throughout the whole year. 

Photo by Ervin Lukacs on Unsplash