Top 10 Movies About Student Life 2020

If you have some spare time, a good movie can help you pass a few hours with fun. Just grab some snacks, sit on the couch, and play your favorite film. If you’re keen on movies about student life and don’t want to spend your time searching for new films, look no further. In this post, you will find the selection of the newest movies about student life.

The Kissing Booth 2

If you’re a fan of the film’s prequel, The Kissing Booth this movie is a must to see this evening. In this movie, Noah, Elle’s boyfriend, moves to Harvard. All Elle’s friends convince her that a breakup is the only possible outcome of the long-distance relationship.

However, she still tries to boost the kissing booth by encouraging a new student, Marco, to participate in their organization. Unfortunately, everything went wrong when Elle visited her boyfriend in Boston.

Work It

A learner’s life isn’t easy, especially for senior school students who need to enter a college. The lead actress, Quinn Ackerman, is an outstanding student with the top-grades, so the question, “Who can do math homework for me?” does not appear in her mind. 

Even though she has over-curriculum activities, her application to one of the top-tier universities doesn’t impress an admission officer. Quinn decides to lie that she participates in the city’s most famous dancing team.

Being refused to join the team, she decides to create her own and win the upcoming dancing championship.

The Prom

If you want to pass your evening by watching a unique movie, check out this American musical comedy. The Prom tells about a young lesbian girl who tried to take another girl to a prom. However, it breaks the rules, so the dance is canceled. 

Even though the girl is bullied at school, the circumstances don’t break her. Also, Broadway actors decide to help her. 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2

This one is a sequel to one of the most romantic movies about students. The story continues with a new love letter sent to another boy. They met each other during volunteering and started becoming close to each other. However, Lara, the leading actress, already has a boyfriend.

The circumstances make her life mad. She doesn’t know what to do, and even a self-journey doesn’t help her find the right path. 

All the Bright Places

In case you want to spend your evening watching a teen romantic drama film, this one is a good pick. The movie tells the story of two teenagers who suffer from mental illnesses. The boy with bipolar disorder wants to heal the girl with survivor guilt. Their relationships aren’t simple and are full of problems. However, they both do their best to overcome them. 

American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules

This is a sex comedy film and the ninth film of the franchise. The movie tells the story of four different girls. Even though they are senior year students, they aren’t focused on studying. Their life is full of fun parties, so the girls won’t refuse the idea to pay someone to write an essay and get top grades with no hassle. 


This movie is about two teenagers who started living every new day as their last because high-school students started exploding accidentally. Unfortunately, the exploding nature remains unrevealed despite the government’s attempts to stop it. 

Student For Pay

This is the story of an uncommon girl who is bullied at school. However, nobody knows the truth. Rose, the girl, secretly works as a camgirl. The film shows the complicated life of an outcast-girl who makes a deep dive into the world of sex and money. 

The Half of It

It’s a movie about an Asian girl in a small American town who has no friends. Other students contact Ellie Chu only when they want her to write a top-grade essay for them, even though there are a lot of opportunities to buy essay online

One day, Paul Munsky, a football player, asks Ellie to help write a love letter. From this day, she starts helping him with his love. 


The confrontation of two girls at school takes an unexpected turn in this movie. The most popular and the most freaky girl in the school get switched. They both get the opportunity to walk in each other’s shoes, literally. Feel free to watch this movie this evening if you’re looking for an unusual and interesting story about different sides of student life. 

Final Shot

This year is quite good for those who like watching movies about teenagers and their lives. Despite the 10 movies above, there are a lot of great films on this topic. Therefore, if the list above for you is completed, don’t hesitate to surf the Internet to find more 2020’s movies about student life.

Movies About Student Life Featured Image: The Prom Movie