Top 10 Budget-friendly Ways to Have an All-inclusive Wedding

You’re newly engaged and have just experienced one of the most romantic moments in your life. You’re in absolute bliss, dreaming of what the future looks like. Now you begin to think about the wedding. You’ve decided on an all-inclusive destination wedding. At first, you think it might be cheaper to combine your wedding and honeymoon all in one, but you start thinking about the guest list and all the things you have ever dreamed of having at your wedding. Suddenly things start to add up quickly. 

Here are 10 budget-friendly ideas to have your dream all-inclusive wedding.

1. Timing

Timing is a significant key to saving money on a destination wedding. May to August is typically a cheaper time to travel to the Caribbean, but May-June is the cheapest if you don’t mind a little rain. There are fewer tourists at this time of year, too, so you’ll have the island to yourself and your guests. As a bonus, fewer unwanted guests will be watching your special day.

2. Airfare

Airfare is usually cheaper during off-shoulder seasons because fewer people are traveling. Usually, the less distance you travel, the cheaper the flight will be, so choose your destination wisely. Booking 3-5 weeks in advance is less expensive than booking closer to your day. Also, ensure your credit card doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees and allows you to collect travel rewards.

3. Travel Agent

Planning your wedding and honeymoon is stressful enough! Select a travel agent that specializes in destination weddings. Travel agents don’t cost you anything, so leave it up to the professionals to collect everyone’s passenger and credit card information. Plus, they can deal with each guest’s specific requests. They can also find perks and deals that you may not have on your own.

4. Free Wedding!

If you book your beach wedding in Jamaica, it’s free! With a minimum 3-night stay, you’ll receive so many extras! The ceremony and reception include hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and a wedding cake. The honeymoon also includes breakfast in bed and a honeymoon dinner at no additional charge.

5. Group Rates

Take advantage of group rates. These are cheaper for you and your guests on flights and hotel rooms. This requires a little research and planning. You’ll want to look for an airline and resort that can accommodate all of your guests. Make sure they give you great rates on the dates you have decided on for your big day. Many resorts will provide you with discounts or extras for booking with them. The more guests that book with you, the more perks or discounts you get. By booking a block of rooms, not only will you receive discounted rates for yourself and your guests, but you can also get freebies; unique bars, extra decor, and credits towards activities.

6. Wedding Planner

Planning your wedding is highly stressful, so ensuring you have a wedding planner at your destination will be your best investment. They know the industry in their location. They know how to get what you want and who the best vendors are, all within your budget. Most resorts will include a wedding planner at no extra cost to you! Investing in one is well worth it, even if your wedding package lacks a planner. 

7. Decor

Since you’ve chosen a destination wedding, you’re probably dreaming of a wedding on a beach. Let the location be your backdrop and decor. You’ll still want things such as flowers, which can double as decor for both the ceremony and reception. However, letting the blue ocean, white sand, and palm trees be part of your decor will save you thousands.

8. Wedding Attire

Usually, destination weddings are on a beach, which generally has a more casual feel than a wedding in a place of worship. There is more flexibility on what you may want to wear to the ceremony. You’ve saved money on a great ring deal from and now it’s time to pick what your guests will wear. While some people still go for the whole experience and choose to make it a black tie affair, you have the option of making it more casual. A simple white dress and veil for the bride and a relaxed suit for the groom may be just what you envisioned for your beach wedding. You can save even more money if you choose to go barefoot!

9. Have Your Big Day at an All-Inclusive Resort

Choosing an all-inclusive resort for your wedding is the logical choice considering there will be a lot of drinking and eating. Plus, you have the added benefit of certain activities included at no extra cost to you or your guests. An all-inclusive resort also makes planning much more manageable. Everything you need is easily accessible, and you know exactly what you are paying for ahead of time. This also gives you and your guests the option of staying strictly on the resort and enjoying all it offers or having a bit more excitement by taking advantage of excursions off the property.

10. A Symbolic Ceremony

Consider getting legally married at home and have a symbolic ceremony at your destination. Selecting a legal officiant limits your dates based on their availability. Selecting someone special to officiate your wedding can be very meaningful to both the happy couple and their chosen guest. This gives your more flexibility when selecting a date.

Hopefully, you will find these budget-friendly ideas helpful when planning your dream wedding. You can make it happen with a bit of help and determination. If you arrange it in advance, your dreams will come true at a price you can live with. Visit UrbanMatter for more great tips on traveling.