Tips to find a suitable part-time job

Securing a part-time job has become the latest rage in today’s world. In fact, in February 2023, there were about 8.38 million part-time workers in the UK. 

Part-time jobs have many advantages, from a decent salary to sharpening your skills. But sometimes, finding the perfect part-time job for you can be a little difficult. 

Fortunately, your job hunting becomes much easier if you know what you’re looking for. So, keep reading the tips given below, and you’ll find your dream part-time job in no time!

  1. Determine your timing and budget

While looking for a part-time job, you must first check your availability and budget. Next, check how many hours you’ll be able to work each day, especially if you already have a full-time job somewhere. 

If you want to supplement your full-time work, it might be a good idea to work in a part-time job offering flexible hours. 

However, if you aren’t employed anywhere at the moment, you can choose a part-time job with a stricter work schedule. 

Moreover, keep a minimum salary in mind before you start the job hunt. This will help you filter out the jobs you really want and sustain your lifestyle according to your wishes.

  1. Start networking

In today’s world, networking is important whether you are unemployed or a CEO. If you know how to socialize with people and form strong connections, finding a good part-time job will be a piece of cake for you! 

You can start by contacting individuals in your professional circle. For example, ask your coworkers if they have any part-time gigs that they need help with. 

Or, you may even reach out to your friends and family for help. Even if nobody in your network has any openings for part-time jobs, they can always hook you up with someone. 

And if your networking skills are strong, you can easily get a strong recommendation letter from your superiors or coworkers that will fetch you the job.

  1. Make a good resume

Just because you’re going for a part-time job doesn’t mean they won’t check your resume. In fact, most part-time positions rely heavily on a candidate’s resume to check their eligibility and skills. 

If you don’t have a resume yet, start making one as soon as possible. Ensure that it doesn’t exceed two pages and that your strongest skills are displayed prominently. 

If you already have a resume, ensure it’s updated and tailored to suit the position you wish to work for. 

There are many resume-making websites on the internet, so simply search on Google and start creating an eye-catching resume that explains why you’ll be perfect for the position.

  1. Search for job listings online

While offline job listings can be found anywhere, from newspapers to magazines, online job listings are much easier to find. 

Do your research and make a list of industries and companies where you wish to work. You may even divide your list into categories like “top preference” and “second preference.” 

If you’re confused about where to look for part-time jobs online, Jobsier is the perfect platform. 

Thousands of companies are associated with Jobsier, and anyone can have their dream part-time job through this interactive platform. 

You can even choose your preferred location in the UK! All you have to do is create a Jobsier profile and get started.

  1. Be committed to the job

Most job hunters give the interviewers the impression that they only want to work in a part-time job for a short while. And this is a major mistake!

Never tell the interviewer you can’t commit to the company for long or wish to leave as soon as you get a full-time job. Otherwise, they’ll simply move on to the next candidate. 

Rather, you must show your commitment and dedication to the company by assuring them you’re in for the long haul. 

Highlight your strengths and explain to them why you want to work in this company. Since the turnover is high in part-time jobs, you must show the interviewer why you’re irreplaceable.

Over to you

The hunt for a part-time job can sometimes be much more exhausting than that for a full-time one. However, if you have the above tips in mind, your job hunting can become easier. So don’t wait anymore and try these methods out!


Image Credit: Photo by Pema Lama on Unsplash