Tips To Boost Sales Through Custom Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry holds great importance in one’s life because putting on some jewelry makes your overall appearance look a thousand times better. Saying it won’t be wrong that jewelry is one of those products that have been used for centuries and has never lost its value, whether it be made from gemstones, gold, or other precious materials. According to some people, jewelry is only for women, but kings and sultans used to wear jewelry, and these days jewelry is pretty big among males. 

The jewelry market is pretty huge, and making your pieces look unique is a real challenge in the market. It is a $300 Billion market, so you can imagine how hard it would be for a new brand to settle in. This industry is constantly rising because jewelry is seen as a luxurious product, and more and more people are inclined toward luxurious products. 

To stand out in the market, you need to have a packaging that attracts customers because the same quality can be found, but the same packaging and experience can’t be found at every brand. The product packaging plays a special role in making a successful brand, and when you have a jewelry brand, then the packaging becomes more than just a necessity. In this blog, we will be talking about the tips you can use to boost sales for your jewelry brand.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Keep Research On Priority 

No matter which industry you wish to enter, you should always complete your research before you enter that industry as a brand, and research is way more vital when you enter a gigantic industry like jewelry. The biggest mistake that fails businesses is not knowing about their targeted audience and what they prefer. You need to have a clear idea about your targeted audience, whether they are male or female, and also about the age group you are targeting. 

Jewelry is a luxury product so throw the idea of popping art out of your mind. Take a walk in the market and see what people like and like about their product packaging. Learn from the mistakes of other brands to scale your business quickly. See what is trending in the market, and only then decide on the design of custom packaging boxes for your brand.

Get Creative With Box Styles 

Life is all about switching things up for a better tomorrow, whether it be your personal life or business life. Your jewelry boxes should be distinctive enough to grab customers’ attention. In this competitive market, you only get five to ten seconds to lure customers. There are many box styles out there to choose from window boxes, boxes with lids, sliding boxes, pillar boxes, etc. 

There are multiple factors you need to consider before choosing the custom packaging boxes, but the major ones are to know what is liked by your potential customers and your brand values. Take your time and choose a style that is unique in the market and also revolves around your brand values.

Avoid The Mess In Printing 

As you read above, jewelry is seen as a luxury item, so everything needs to be inch-perfect when it comes to the product and its packaging. The printing on your jewelry boxes is the key factor in attracting the customers, and when that part is messed up, you can forget about attracting customers through the packaging. Printing of your brand name, logo, product details, address, social media platforms, and other details should be done with extreme care. Ensure that the ink used for printing is eco-friendly and high-quality. This way, your product packaging can keep on doing marketing for you even if it is thrown out.

Set A Budget 

Another mistake that leads to the failure of businesses is not taking the right care of finances. Controlling the brand’s money is the toughest thing for a business owner. You need to have a budget for your product packaging because the cost of the box will be added to the cost of the jewelry piece, and if the price of the packaging is high, then you will be forced to raise the price of your products which the customers won’t like. 

On the other hand, if you keep the same prices, you will kill your profits, and that can be a disaster for your brand. So, before you go live with your product, ensure that you have everything sorted out in terms of product and packaging pricing.

Add Personal Touch 

A successful brand is built on the base of loyal customers, and if you don’t have those loyal customers, your brand will take a long time in reaching the heights you hope for. And, how do you get those loyal customers? You get those loyal customers by making them feel related to the brand. The next question is, how to help them relate with the brand? 

The answer to that question is by adding a personal touch. Adding a personal touch to your custom packaging will help the customer better connect and understand your brand. The best way to let them feel connected to the brand is by adding a personalized message inside the box. Buyers get excited when they get something they weren’t hoping for. This is a small gesture that can give you amazing results.

Go green and have sturdy material for the parcel 

Customers love to see a brand try their best in making this world a better place to live because the threat to environmental health is real and should be addressed ASAP. Try and go for eco-friendly packaging materials because they are recyclable and will be decomposed after they have served their purpose. The best part is that these materials are cost-effective. Also, you need a packaging material that is sturdy enough to protect the jewelry item because almost every jewelry product is elegant. We all know the way shipping companies handle the parcel. You can’t have two separate packaging for one product, so you need a packaging that serves both purposes, right? Well, the solution for this problem is cardboard boxes or kraft paper boxes because these boxes are eco-friendly, sturdy, cost-effective, and easy to customize.