Tips On Using Augmented Reality For eCommerce Brands

Are you a business owner that sells things online and wants to connect with your customers in new ways? Or have you ever been on a shopping website and tried to imagine how a product would look in your home or on your body? Well, welcome augmented reality (AR), the savior of your shopping woes. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know what AR is — it’s not some crazy futuristic technology that only Elon Musk can afford. In fact, it’s a tool that many eCommerce brands are already using to wow their customers and sell more products. 

Let’s break it down: AR is when digital stuff gets added to the real world. You can use it on your phone, tablet, or even funky glasses. For example, by using virtual makeup try on tools, customers get a better sense of whether certain cosmetic products fit them or not. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant, except they won’t judge you for trying on makeup in your pajamas.

So, if you’re ready to take your eCommerce brand to the next level, keep reading for some tips on how to use augmented reality to boost sales and increase engagement with your customers.

Tip#1: It’s All About the Product Pages

If you’re going to use AR, you should show it off! And that means integrating it into your product pages. Why? Because people want to know what they’re buying before they hit that “add to cart” button. 

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to waste their time and money on a couch or lamp that clashes with their style. That’s just a recipe for disappointment and buyer’s remorse. So, do yourself and your customers a favor by adding AR to your product pages. Your customers will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself when your sales start to soar!

Tip#2: Virtual Try-Ons are the New Dressing Rooms

Who needs those uncomfortable, poorly-lit dressing rooms when you can have the convenience and fun of virtual try-ons with AR? Thanks to this amazing technology, you can now try on clothes and accessories without ever leaving the comfort of your home. No more long lines or self-conscious moments in front of strangers, just pure convenience and fun.

You can try on that fancy new hat or trendy shoes virtually, without having to physically put them on. With AR, you can visualize how they would look on you, and decide whether they’re the perfect fit or not. And let’s not forget the best part: no more dealing with the hassle of returns due to ill-fitting items.

Tip#3: In-Store Shopping, But Make It AR

Let’s be honest, going to the store can be a hassle. The crowds, the lines, the parking — it can all be overwhelming. But with AR, you can bring the store straight to your living room. By using AR, you can visualize products in your own space and get a better sense of how they look and fit without ever leaving your house.

Tip#4:Influencers + AR = Winning Combo

We all know the power of influencer collaborations – but have you ever thought about taking it up a notch with AR? That’s right, with AR, your favorite influencers can bring products to life like never before. Think about it – instead of just seeing a static image of a product on an influencer’s Instagram feed, you could see how it looks in their own environment with AR. You could visualize how that lipstick shade would look on your own skin tone, or how that new piece of workout equipment would fit into your home gym. And admit it, when our favorite influencer gives a product their stamp of approval, we’re more likely to add it to our cart. 

Tip#5: Interactive Product Catalogs: The Future is Here

Flipping through a dull product catalog is about as exciting as watching paint dry. But with AR, eCommerce brands can create interactive product catalogs that are as lively as a Rihanna concert. With augmented reality, eCommerce brands can make their products jump out of the screen straight into your life. Who needs a crowded mall when you can have a virtual shopping spree with AR, right?

Tip#6: AR-Based Customer Support: Because We All Need Help Sometimes

AR isn’t just for making your online shopping experience more magical, it can also be your new BFF for customer support. No more navigating through a maze of automated phone menus or waiting on hold for hours. Struggling to assemble that new desk or fix a glitch in your latest gadget? With AR, you can get instant assistance, like having a tech-savvy friend right in your pocket. 

AR in eCommerce: Proven Value and How to Join

But don’t just take our word for it. As the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding.” Several eCommerce brands have already seen success with AR. For example, Ikea’s AR app, which allows customers to visualize furniture in their own homes, has been a huge hit. And L’Oreal’s AR makeup app has been slaying the game and has increased sales greatly.

And if you’re looking to put your own spin on things, why not explore ready-made solutions? For example, TINT by Banuba ( is a comprehensive AR SDK that provides a wide range of features for eCommerce. With TINT’s augmented reality try-on capabilities, your clientele can indulge in an immersive virtual fashion experience, from the latest jewelry trends to the most striking makeup styles, all from their domestic bliss. And with its cutting-edge facial recognition functionality, TINT allows you to provide personalized recommendations tailored to your customers’ unique facial features. Moreover, TINT offers seasonal color analysis, empowering your clients to discover their perfect palette for any time of year. It’s no wonder that incorporating TINT into your website or app will enhance your product recommendations and elevate customer satisfaction!

One thing is undeniable: the age of augmented reality has arrived and is changing eCommerce forever.


Image Credit: Photo by UNIBOA on Unsplash