Tips on How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

Making your girlfriend feel special can be a game-changer for your relationship. It’s the secret ingredient that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. According to a study by the University of Georgia, couples who prioritize making their partner feel cherished report higher levels of satisfaction. Yet, about 78% of women admit that feeling unappreciated leads to distance and soreness.

What if your girlfriend wakes up feeling valued and loved beyond measure? A simple message or a romantic gesture can make her feel special. Continually, little things are better than rare, huge surprises. If you want to discover a treasure trove of ideas on how to make it feel like she’s the only girl in the world, welcome to the right spot! 

5 Ways to Make Her Feel Loved and Safe

How do I make my girlfriend happy? Keeping the feelings at the same level is one of the greatest challenges. Remember the first time you met? Making a girl on cloud nine seems effortless but not as the years go by. In order not to forget the feelings of excitement and romance, practice simple yet useful actions. 

Value her independence

Don’t take it personally when she needs time for herself or to hang out with friends. Independent women, especially Russian brides, value their time and want to make their own choices. It’s important when a man supports her steps for personal growth. Whether it’s continuing education or career change, encourage any kind of interest. Remember, if she’s an independent woman, she wants a partner, not a parent. So this demonstrates your trust and respect, making her feel secure in being herself. 

Create shared experiences 

Rather than relying on material gifts, prioritize spending time with her. Girls love it when surprises are arranged for them, especially when men take the initiative. So plan adventurous outings, try new activities, or explore new destinations. For Russian girls dating this is a clear demonstration of the fact that you thought through everything and wanted something unique for her, which will leave a vivid impression. 

Go for open communication

Break down traditional gender norms and show that you have a vulnerable side. Many men would consider this a sign of weakness, but for example, if you date with Russian, you are determined to do more than that. This makes it clear that you trust the lady, that she has become the one who was able to reveal it, and that you are not afraid of her reaction. So you agree? People normally don’t show insecurities to everyone. 

Appreciate her quirks 

There is no person without zest. Most often, what we would like to change about ourselves is what others like, and the girls have whole lists. Perhaps she laughs funnily, performs some kind of ritual in the morning, or is covered in freckles with unruly hair. Be attentive to details and positively mention them. Of course, don’t forget to compliment your significant other. After all, women love it when they are admired and showered with pleasant words. The last is more relevant in the case of Russian women dating.

Support her aspirations

Sometimes you don’t need any big gifts to make a woman feel special. Being someone who will support you in any matter or situation is much more valuable. This not only gives her strength and confidence but also the joy of having a person with whom she can share ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem. The most important thing is that, in case of failure, you will be the shoulder to rely on, and this will make the girl think that she is special because you are not just for the good times with her. 

How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special Over Text

Before giving a couple of template examples of messages, let’s consider a few basic rules that should be taken into account in correspondence to make your girlfriend feel special. 

  • Start her day with a sweet message and end her night by letting her know that you are dreaming of her before going to bed. 
  • Compliment her out of the blue but be more creative.
  • Reminisce about a joke or funny moment that only the two of you experienced. 
  • Let a girl know you’re thinking about her, by randomly sending a picture, song, or meme. 
  • Keep the spark alive by sending a flirty message to make her feel wanted.
  • Show interest by asking how her day is going. 
  • Use pet names, if there are any, to add some affection to your texts. 

Messages to send her 

For those who don’t know what to say to make her feel special, these examples can be a great start for men to practice their creativity. 

  1. Good morning, lovely. I wish you were here to wake me up with your beautiful smile.
  2. Look out the window; it’s raining. Do you remember how wet we got then? You looked so stunning at that moment.
  3. I’m counting the minutes until we meet. Having dinner with you is the best end of the week.
  4. I passed by a park bench today, and it reminded me of our first dates. Those days of getting to know each other were so magical.
  5. I have you on my mind all day long. Our last conversation inspired me to start doing what I was afraid of.
  6. I probably don’t say it often but thank you for everything you do for me. Your kindness and attention make my days overflow.
  7. Our song was on the radio. It made me think about how lucky I am to have you.
  8. I always enjoy your outfit. You look stunning, as usual.
  9. Our old photo from a previous adventure made me nostalgic. I hope there are many more!
  10. I know things have been challenging lately, but remember that you mean everything to me.


Feeling special isn’t just a nice bonus but a need of any Russian wife or another girl when online dating or seeing face to face. When this requirement isn’t met, women question their relationship with a man and most likely break up with him. Taking the time for compliments, surprises, and shared activities makes her feel like she’s the only priority. Isn’t that what we all want from our significant other? Remember, your girlfriend’s happiness will definitely be rewarded to you, and that’s a rule to follow.