Time Check: How to Find Out How Many Hours You’ve Spent on League of Legends

Picture this: It’s Sunday night, and your fingers are still humming from the last epic battle on Summoner’s Rift. You’re already counting down the hours to your next League of Legends (LoL) match. But then, a thought flashes through your mind: Just how many hours have I sunk into this game?

Well, we’ve been there too, and we’re here to help you find out.

The Discovery: Your LoL Playtime

To begin, you must understand that there is no built-in mechanism in the LoL client to determine your playtime. Gasp! Why not, though? You may inquire. As of my most recent check, Riot Games had not provided a definitive answer.

But no worries! As resourceful gamers, we’ve found a way around it. There are some dedicated websites to help us curious summoners find out how many hours we’ve put into League of Legends.

Wasted on LoL: A Treasure Trove of Time Spent

The process is straightforward: Head over to the Wasted on LoL site, input your summoner name, select your region, and voila! You’ll see an estimate of the total time you’ve spent on LoL. Pretty handy, isn’t it?

However, keep in mind that this tool calculates playtime based on matches played, so it may not include idle time in the client, time spent on updates, or those agonizing minutes waiting for a queue to pop. But still, it will give you a pretty good idea of the time you’ve spent in-game.


Mobalytics is a complete application that not only provides information about your gaming but also provides a detailed analysis of it. Because it includes personal insights, match history, and victory rates, this tool is ideal for athletes trying to enhance their performance.

League of Graphs

League of Graphs is another excellent tool for League of Legends players. While it doesn’t provide specific hours played, it gives you a detailed breakdown of your performance in each match. This information can help you understand how much time you’ve probably spent in the game.

LoL Time Played

LoL Time Played used to be a useful tool for determining how many hours you’d spent playing. It was simple, similar to Wasted on LoL, but it has been inactive for some time.

Keep in mind that, while these sites provide a decent estimate, none of them can supply you with a precise number. The time spent in lineups, shopping, or simply loitering in the client will not be recorded. Nonetheless, they provide a reasonable estimate of the amount of time you’ve spent playing League of Legends.

A Humbling Reality: Is It Time Well Spent?

So you’ve followed the steps, and the results are in. The hours might be startling—maybe you’ve played enough LoL to watch the entire Harry Potter series several times over. Maybe you’ve outdone your favorite streamer. Or perhaps you’ve just spent a few precious weekends getting familiar with the Rift.

I advise you not to feel guilty or humiliated about your total. LoL is a social network, a strategic challenge, and a source of entertainment, as well as a game. You’re not just ‘wasting’ time; you’re doing something you enjoy, and that’s significant.

Time’s Impact: How has LoL Shaped You?

Beyond just the hours, let’s consider the impact this time spent on LoL has had on you. Have you made friends through the game? Developed your strategic thinking? Or perhaps you’ve honed your team leadership skills?

When I first saw my playtime, I was astounded, but then I thought about the experiences I’ve had thanks to LoL, the friends I’ve made, the lessons I’ve learned, and the joy I’ve gotten from each match. That made it easier to accept those many, many hours.

Keep Gaming, Keep Growing

To sum it up, while it’s interesting to know how many hours you’ve dedicated to League of Legends, it’s essential to understand the value beyond the time. So don’t fret over the number—whether it’s 100 or 10,000 hours.

If you’re enjoying the game, growing as a player, making friends, and having fun, then those hours are not wasted—they’re invested. Remember, we’re not just gamers, we’re a community, and every moment spent in LoL is a testament to our shared passion.

Yes, we’re spending hours on League of Legends, but it’s our collective passion that makes this game special. So keep investing in your matches, keep mastering your champions, and keep climbing those ladders.

And when you next take a pause and wonder about your playtime, remember that every second you’ve spent in the Rift is a testament to your dedication, your growth, and your love for this incredible game.

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Time for a Reality Check

So, there you have it. Now you can finally satisfy your curiosity, find out just how many hours you’ve dedicated to the game, and reflect on what it means to you. Visit Wasted on LoL and brace yourself for the big reveal.

Whether you’re a casual player or a developing professional, it’s always interesting to observe how much time we devote to our hobbies. And keep in mind that there is no ‘correct’ amount of time to spend on League of Legends – as long as you’re having fun, improving, and enjoying the community, any hour spent is an hour well-spent.

Keep gaming, keep growing, and see you on the Rift!