These Memes About Life After Quarantine Are Pretty Spot-On

As lockdowns begin to lift across the country and the end of quarantine seems to be getting closer, the internet is celebrating and speculating (with memes, of course) about what life after lockup will look like.

Some of us went heavy on the quarantine snacks

Guys had a little too much free time

Stress and weird sleeping patterns got to us

We all learned to cope in our own unique ways

Couples got to spent a lot of *quality* time together

And singles are more than ready to get back out there

Friends will finally be reunited

But our social skills might be a bit rusty

Not to mention our professional skills after months of working from home

We’ll find new ways to flirt

We’ll be worried about going back to normal too soon

And find out there are actually a few things about quarantine we’ll miss

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