The Value of Facial Fat Grafting for a Youthful Look

Commonly referred to as a “youthful face,” or “baby fat” or even “full,” facial fat makes up a distinct appearance in a person’s presence until it is no longer present. The loss can come for a variety of reasons including age, childbirth, health, exposure to the elements, stress, and more. And once that fatty tissue is gone, it won’t come back on its own.

However, with today’s medical procedures, it is quite possible to reverse the damage to facial fat loss. With a procedure known as facial fat grafting, the facial area can be rejuvenated again with natural tissue that provides the plump fullness people enjoyed in youth. There’s no need for injections or temporary swelling fixes; the natural graft stays in place with a very minimally invasive approach, and a patient’s face regains contour again. Raleigh plastic surgery applied in the form of a facial fat graft has proven to be a significantly effective solution for regaining a youthful face naturally.

How Facial Fat Grafting Works

The approach uses the body’s own fat by simply reallocating it to the facial area versus where it currently exists. This in turn allows for a natural filler that inflates the face again with tissue that comes from the body itself, eliminating the problem of rejection or infection. Instead, a patient gets the benefit of a long-lasting treatment that makes use of body fat positively. With a full facial presentation, patients frequently regain confidence and comfort in their poise, presence, and performance in life and at work. This is especially effective for those in people industries where there is a lot of regular contact and presentation matters significantly.

Why Does Facial Fat Disappear?

As noted earlier, the causes can be a combination of issues. The biggest one tends to be internal as the body’s hormones change with time. Instead of stocking the body up for growth and adulthood, the matured body stops focusing on bulking and begins slowing down its processes. Hormones change which then causes the body to remove fat from the face and similar areas and redeposit it elsewhere, ergo love handles. Additionally, hormones that were very present in growth just shut down, and the fat tissue they promoted started to shrink. Childbirth tends to be a dramatic version of these hormonal changes.

Where and how one lives can greatly impact facial skin and health. Clearly drinking and smoking over long periods will have a noticeable impact. Sun damage is the next big factor, drying the face out and causing it to tighten from repeating burns and healing. The underlying layers of sub-dermal tissue take a beating and wear down as a result. Finally, gravity does what it does, eventually causing the skin to sag.

Extreme dieting is most often visibly seen in the face first. The hardest fat to lose tends to be around the belly, but the hands and face realize it first. As a result, any severe dieting will immediately draw away fat from the facial area, making it look bony and gaunt.

A Reversal of Time and Wear & Tear

For patients who want more than a temporary fix that comes with Botox injections, a facial fat graft may very well be the real answer. Each patient has a unique set of circumstances, so the best starting point is to first talk to a facial fat grafting Raleigh-based surgeon about what’s involved and the most likely results for him or her in terms of real outcomes to expect.

Image Credit: Unsplash