The Ultimate Spring Clean Checklist for Your Bedroom

When it comes to a spring clean, it’s easy to assume you should prioritize the communal areas of your home. However, your bedroom may well be the space in which you spend the most time. As the first place you see on a morning and the last place you see on a night, bedrooms have a big impact on state of mind.

Benefits of spring cleaning

Not only will spring cleaning your bedroom make you feel a sense of pride, it has numerous benefits beyond mere aesthetics.

Clutter is known to have a negative impact on mental health, with hoarding disorder being a recognised problem that impacts a lot of people from a mild to serious extent. By having a spring clean, you establish the precedent for regular cleaning and the ability to part with items that no longer serve you. 

Likewise, the feeling of a newly spruced bedroom works wonders on your mood. Waking up to a clean, tidy space encourages better productivity and establishes success from the outset. 

Organise wardrobes 

Start by decluttering your fitted wardrobes to make room for other items. In-built wardrobes have the potential to be real assets to your bedroom for storage and organisation, but it’s easy to have accumulated things over the winter. Sort through the contents and donate or recycle any unwanted items to clear space. 

After this, use clothing organisers to give everything its place so you can maintain the tidiness. By optimising the space with neat folding and hanging space, you’ll maximise the capacity. 

Clean bedding 

Although most people change their duvet covers often, few people think to clean the rest of the bedding, including mattress covers, bedspreads and the duvet itself. 

When changing from your winter duvet to the lighter summer duvet, take the opportunity to get all aspects of your bedding washed or dry cleaned. Not only will it feel fresher, you’ll also find it more comfortable. 

Dust everywhere

Dust is composed of all sorts of debris, including skin cells, dirt, pollen, and pet dander. Not only is it unseemly, but some tiny insects also thrive in dusty conditions, causing reactions to the proteins they produce. Dust allergies are incredibly common, causing sneezing, blocked nasal passages and itchy eyes. You could find that having a spring clean is not only good for organisation, but it may also improve your health. 

When dusting, make sure you clean behind and underneath furniture, as this is where dust may be hiding. Likewise, ceilings, corners and skirting boards are often overlooked but tend to accumulate the most debris. By doing this, you’ll also deter pests that thrive in undisturbed areas. 

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash