The Top Most Interesting and Exciting Online Games of All Time

The PC is the most popular gaming platform worldwide. It is also the most popular platform for video game developers, and according to statistics, 59% of all developers create their entertainment products just for PC. No wonder people are looking for the best games for this platform with the increasing popularity of Personal Computers. 

Here we have collected the top online games for PC that are their most famous genre representatives. There will be no games like 3 patti game online play, as we will look at a different genre.

In our top, you can see such titles:

  • Destiny 2;
  • Monster Hunter: World;
  • Rust.

Apex Legends

Another free project of the battle royale genre, made in the Titanfall universe. The players, divided into teams, face each other on a vast battlefield and fight until victory. Unlike many other games of this genre, Apex Legends has characters with unique abilities: innovative use of them and active interaction with partners will be the key to survival in tough online matches.

Destiny 2

A popular cooperative loot-shooter became even more popular with the transition to a free-to-play distribution model. It has attracted a massive audience of players who have joined the large-scale war to save humanity. Moreover, despite its free-to-play, it is an expensive AAA project, which can surprise the quality and quantity of content.

The developers prepared paid add-ons that significantly expand Destiny’s universe for those who find few adventures in the basic version.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is a cooperative action game where players team up to hunt powerful monsters, gather resources, and build equipment to defeat even more dangerous monsters. An excellent adventure for a group of friends that can amaze the picture’s beauty and the game mechanics’ richness.


Online creativity and entertainment platform that rivals the hugely successful Minecraft. In Roblox, players create their games and dive into the worlds of other players, and their creativity here can be monetized by converting earned on the created content into real money.


A multiplayer sandbox game in which gamers can act together – or get into a battle on a vast map where they have to dig, build, craft and fight. The game offers plenty of opportunities for creative flight, and support for mods gives it almost endless replayability.


A survival simulator in which anything can happen: in one match, you will become the prey of bloodthirsty cannibals; in another – find partners and together build a reliable fortress; and in the third – barely appearing on the server, you will engage in a desperate battle with the same newcomers. Rust generates a lot of exciting stories, and that is probably the principal value of the project.

Black Desert

Black Desert is one of the most popular modern MMORPGs that attracts gamers with beautiful pictures and complete freedom of action. Here the rich choice of classes is combined with slashing combat, and a vast open world becomes uncertain. Another advantage of this game is regular updates: the developers constantly replenish Black Desert with fresh content so players won’t be bored.

The Elder Scrolls Online

MMORPG is based on the cult series The Elder Scrolls, which can become a fascinating adventure for one player or exciting entertainment for the whole clan – here, the developed storyline intersects with non-story activities, and the history of the world is constantly moving forward, opening new pages of the game universe for players.

Rocket League

“Racing soccer,” which since 2015 has pleased fans of unusual sports competitions without losing the audience’s interest. All thanks to addictive gameplay, exciting modes, and regular content replenishment – skins and customization items available in the game are enough to make your racing car, unlike others.

Dead by Daylight

Tense asymmetric horror in which a group of players is trying to survive, escaping from a maniac, monster, or ghost controlled by another player. The project attracts audiences with a variety of game situations, a large selection of heroes and villains, and an emphasis on teamwork – without coordinated interaction, the players will quickly become victims of the enemy.

Borderlands 3

It is a fun cooperative action game, the sequel to the popular Borderlands series. This time the players will encounter a whole solar system with several planets, where they, as four warehouse seekers, will have to face the ruthless Calypso twins, the leaders of a mad sect. Humor, hurricane-like gameplay, and a billion different weapons are the hooks that hook Borderlands 3.

Path of Exile.

Path of Exile is the main rival of Diablo in the slasher RPG genre, a dystopian game in which the heroes fight thousands of monsters, level up their stats, and collect loot. Path of Exile is constantly updated with fresh content and boasts impressive character development. On top of that, the game is free to play.

Lineage 2

The legendary MMORPG has captured the hearts of millions of players. Lineage 2 has gained people’s love thanks to its hardcore, the emphasis on the PvP component, the richness of the game mechanics, and the developed market model. Despite the relatively advanced age, “Lineage” does not think to lose its audience: players with pleasure immersed in its world, not paying attention to the angular graphics.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

MMORPG is based on the Final Fantasy franchise, which at first was not a great success, and then, after a significant revision, became very popular. It is one of the few story-oriented MMORPG, which pleases players with a healthy thought-out world, exciting classes, beautiful pictures, and the absence of pay-to-win content.


An unusual MOBA from the third person, where not abstract heroes but gods and mythical creatures that belong to pantheons of different world civilizations fight each other. Zeus can work in a team with Thor, the Monkey King, and Baba-Yaga, and every character in the group plays a specific role – tank, defense, support, etc. The game is free and boasts good graphics and regular updates.

The Division 2

Continuation of popular MMO shooter about infected with the deadly virus in the USA, which is trying to be saved by secret agents. This time the action moves from New York to Washington DC, and players will have a new storyline, classes, equipment, and other content.

Division 2 is aimed at cooperative passing, so to get the most out of the game, you should get a team of friends ready to join the post-apocalyptic world.

World War Z

Despite the apparent similarity to Left 4 Dead 2, cooperative shooter World War Z can give new experiences to the fans of the cult zombie action from Valve. The game will take gamers through the streets of major cities of the world, throw them into the meat grinder with thousands of monsters and offer to fight in a unique PvPvZ mode. Never a dull moment here, and the company for the joint passage is found in seconds.


Survival simulator in the world of a zombie apocalypse, which boasts realistic gameplay and generation of hundreds of different situations – from meeting with a horde to encountering a group of marauders.

This sandbox has won the audience love due to its authenticity, and sense of freedom – no rules and restrictions, and every player is free to act as he wants: to survive alone, to be altruistic and help strangers encountered, or to play a brutal bandit, ready to kill for a can of stew.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves took on the primary sin of ambitious online games. At release, the game was “empty,” offering minimal content, for which it received tomatoes in its direction. But over the years, Rare has improved its competition, which has managed to wash its reputation and win an impressive audience.

Today Sea of Thieves is one of the top online games on Steam, with a daily audience of 20-30 thousand gamers. Interestingly, in June 2021, the game was visited by Jack Sparrow himself – Sea of Thieves lives and thrives.

By gameplay, this is a pirate action game, where you will feel yourself the life of a sea-robber and search for treasure, control the ship, fight with skeletons and other pirates, and have a great time.